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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

[Adopt] Seven kittens in search of forever homes

If you don't adopt these kittens, they'll become Echo's posse and together they will be unstoppable.
It’s that time of the season when we have kittens coming out of our ears and they’re all looking for good forever homes! Right now we are fostering twelve kittens in total and seven of them are up for adoption.  

Wobbles came first. She was rescued from a drain in Sims Drive in early October. She was extremely wobbly and hid in her litter box a lot. Her shakiness was probably due to an infection she contracted after her early kittenhood, and she was treated with strong antibiotics, which helped her condition a lot. Despite this, she had no problem with cuddles, and purred when you pet her. When let out the cage initially, she preferred hiding in corners and under the cages. Slowly she started playing on her own with a mousey on the cat tree and a ball on a track, and we incorporated playtime into her rehabilitation to help her gain muscle tone.

The arrival of the Star Wars kittens brought out more of the play in her and she started playing and chasing them out in the open. Now she loves the cat tree and looks up to the boss cat like Echo is her leader. She will meow to ask to be let out of her suite and is often found high on the cat tree or on the table near Echo.

At 3 months old, Wobbles has grown into a confident but sweet-tempered little lady with a cute round muzzle and expressive, gold-green eyes. She is playful, and loves head and butt rubs. She still wobbles somewhat and is not always graceful; she'll tumble occasionally when she jumps about but will always recover well. She may always be a little wobbly, but that’s what makes her special. As long as she does not climb to a high place without a route down, she’ll be okay. She gets along fine with other cats and humans, including children, and will do fine in either a solo or multi-cat household, especially with an older female cat as she prefers the calmer disposition of adult cats.

The next kitten to arrive was Dot. Dot was found at a busy traffic junction with no mother in sight. She was in good health when found, albeit a little hungry. She was fostered by a Foster Care volunteer and developed a good appetite, which persists now: she purrs when she thinks she will get food!

Dot is a feisty little kitten who likes to think she's the boss. She's very playful and quick, especially if there is food around. She has a very cute little meow that she uses liberally, and at times very loudly. She loves to climb, and will climb everything from pants legs to cat trees to furniture. Once she's tired herself out she will settle down for a purry cuddle with you and loves the occasional tummy rub. 

This elegant black kitty with a tiny tuft of white on her chest has always taken well to humans and interacts well with her host cat, sometimes purring when she sees him. She fares less well with the kittens at the shelter as she is not used to their energy, but as she already has experience in a multi-cat household she will likely be fine with other cats.

Soon after, we received Pi and Po, two jet-black kittens who were rescued from a carpark in Pasir Panjang. The sister Pi has a longer tail and whiskers while her brother Po has a shorter tail and whiskers. They were fostered by an Outreach volunteer and had a therapy cat for a foster sister because we like to start socialising the kitties for greatness when they are young. They took turns getting sick because their tiny kitten immune systems were weak without their mother’s milk, but they soon recovered with some medical attention.

Recently they’ve come to the cattery. They were wary of the other kittens when they first got to the cattery, but warmed up quickly due to their gregarious personalities. Po especially seems to get along well with kittens whereas Pi prefers older cats. Due to their sociability, they would thrive in multi-cat households. Both love to wrestle with each other and the older cats around them.

These two look like they will grow into the perfect companions, draped over an inviting lap or amusing the humans at the other end of the cat toy. They sure know how to deploy their green eyes to good effect!
Even though they are active kittens, they also crave human attention, and will seek it out by following humans around. They can be held and they will purr if you pick them up as they’re getting sleepy. They cuddle each other to sleep too, and it will melt your heart.

Then came the Star Wars kittens, Kylo, Kenobi and Leia. They were rescued from the Kembangan area where one of the ginger brothers was stuck on a roof! Rescuers got him down and fostered all of them before turning them over to wreak havoc on our cattery. 

Kylo is the ringleader with a corkscrew tail. 

Kenobi is the second-in-command rabble-rouser with a kinky tail. 

Leia is the grey tabby who does love to play (since she’s a kitten) but also is more independent and dare we say, calmer.

All three are intrepid explorers and climb all over the place, meowing loudly for food and chasing each other around. The ginger boys will growl when eating and playing, and are also quite food aggressive. Leia's slightly quieter than her brothers, although she has a certain fascination with the broom. When they’ve finally had enough playtime, they become cuddly, seeking out humans to sit near them. Head and chin rubs will turn on their near-constant purr motor. All three can be picked up for cuddles and will fall asleep in your arms.

Kylo likes to perch on shoulders

The Star Wars trio are curious about adult cats like Ah Niu and Echo, and have even warmed the cockles of Echo’s heart enough to warrant some grooming. They would do well in multi-cat households where they can interact and play with other cats. Single-cat owners would need to ensure adequate playtime.

Po chills out with the ginger brothers Kylo (L) and Kenobi (R)
By now, all the kittens are fed wet food (Addiction brushtail with supplements) twice a day and given dry food (Taste of the Wild kibble) to graze on. They have been dewormed, vaccinated, litter-trained, and socialised. Now it’s time for them to go from the cattery to their forever homes!

Cats are a lifetime commitment, but kittens especially need adequate attention and playtime each day! 
If you'd like to adopt any of the kittens, please read info on the adoption page carefully. Send your responses to the questionnaire and indicate which kitten/s you are interested in visiting to Diana at adopt@lovekuchingproject.org. She will screen your responses and contact you for a visit if you are suitable. 

Outreach boss and Ekiden race leader Cam with the Star Wars trio
If you love cats but cannot adopt, please consider donating and sharing our donation appeals like the Ekiden fundraiser. As a tiny, not-for-profit shelter, we rely on donations and volunteers in order to keep rescuing and rehabilitating community cats that need help. Rent and medical bills are high and any amount helps.

Echo eyes our dwindling vet fund nervously
You can also volunteer with us! We need more volunteers in communications, outreach and events, and our main work, foster care (weekly shifts doing shelter maintenance and clinical care for the cats). If you want to help with outreach (i.e. cat therapy!), email outreach@lovekuchingproject.org. If you can't commit to regular volunteering but still want to help, try the ad hoc clean/play shifts.

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