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Monday, November 30, 2009

thumbs up for service

I bought that can of something-wrong Addiction from Pets Gourmet, and when I informed them of the suspected mold they offered to do an exchange, even while they haven't yet heard back from the supplier or manufacturer. Great service!

Update: Pets Gourmet exchanged the can with us; the new can I opened immediately. There were some fatty deposits very similar to the one in the previous can but less and not green. Addiction still has not replied Pets Gourmet on the issue. There was only this strange green blobs on the venison flavour, not in the salmon one we bought as well.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

meh! lemme out!


Armed with:

how to get your cat to come when called

Cats are rather different from dogs in that they don't really listen to commands as well, obeying only when they want to. They see themselves as the alphas and not as being owned. My last dog - when she was called she could come bounding from the end of the street (ten houses away) towards my house. Same thing when my dad horns his car horn. When Slinky was a street cat and I came home to let her into my house she would bound to me at times when called, but if she was preoccupied I had to hunt her down and call her.

Regardless, Andy is amazed when I manage to get Sayang to come when I call her. He tries to mimic me but it doesn't work when he calls instead. He has to use other means to get the cats to come to him for cuddles.

My method:
I call Sayang, look at her, and then blink and look away. If I am on the bed I will tap the bed for her to jump on next to me. She will come to me after I blink and look away.

Cats see blinking-looking-away as a sign of affection. Staring at them makes them uncomfortable - good tactic to use when scolding them, maintain stern eye contact when disciplining them.

Andy's method:
We put our cat treats in a metal box (once a chocolate box of sorts). When Andy taps the box,the cats will know it is treat time and come to him. He may or may not dispense the treat. They will still come anyway.

They are triggered by the sound of the box, so it is somewhat a Pavlov's dog way of conditioning their response. Slinky is a bit shy to admit she is greedy so she merely comes somewhat nearer but does not bound towards Andy like Sayang and Scooter do. You can do the same also with their favourite noise-making toy.

In general, cats that look like they want to be called will usually be awake, looking bored or walking around with their tail up - sign that they want attention. Trying to call a sleeping cat to you may not work. Likewise a cat preoccupied with a toy or insect or eating halfway.

Also, try using a higher pitched voice, ending their name with a higher intonation. Cats and dogs hear things on a higher octave so getting their attention with a high-pitched sing-song voice will be easier.

Cats learn their name better slightly towards older kittenhood. If your kitten doesn't recognise her name yet, use it often, like when she's being fed her meals. Have fun calling your cat!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dog Health Problems Blog Awards

We have been featured on Dog Health Problems' Blog Awards!

4 1/2 stars
! Thanks for mentioning us!

um, is that mold?

I opened a can of Addiction and saw something strange...
There are greenish-white spots on the surface of the food. Not sure what it is.

The can wasn't dented and neither was the food expired.

Am worried. Any of you seen this before?

a table for my 'weapon'

As a blogger for the cats in our lives and neighbourhood I have to have a computer, and we recently got a new netbook. I call my computer my 'weapon', mode of attack: published words and pictures on the internet, about the needs and wants of kitty-cats!

I have been using it happily, typing in bed. And after yesterday's visit to Ikea, Andy got me this cool bed-table from which I can type and unleash my words on this blog.

Way cool!

I treat my blogging rather seriously as I feel that a good blog needs to be updated daily, with a fair share of good writing and pictures alike. I try my best to deliver that for our Ubi Kuching Project readers. With this new table I can do all that in comfort!

tikkie's visit to the vet

Doctor says her flu is likely viral. Hence it was prudent of us to have quarantined her and disinfected like crazy. She was prescribed antibiotics and a decongestant to be taken together with the chlorpheniramine. We were also given a bottle of vitamin syrup, containing vitamin B and other minerals to give to all the cats; ours for protection, Tikkie for recovery.

She also gave us an ear cleaner containing pyrethins for her ear-mites but Tikkie is still too young for ear-mite topical applications such as Revolution - the minimum age for that is 6 weeks old. When doctor cleaned out Tikkie's ears she used almost 10 swabs...

Anyway Tikkie will have to recover first before she can go to a new home. I will need to buy more Dettol soon and come Monday Aswat will resume caregiving for little Tikus at the shop. Meanwhile, I hope the medicines take effect soon, she is still sniffling and sneezing and still confined in our 'ICU' i.e. the kitchen:
Poor sickie Tikkie

For lack of a pen at home we combined two carriers into 'one' for her to have space to eat sleep and poo.

Instinct Venison

We just bought a can - yes, only one because it is ~$5+/can - of Instinct Venison Formula cat food from Little Paws.
It has an interesting mix of vegetables and fruits like pumpkin and kale while boasting a high content of meat. The dry matter protein level is about 36%.

When it comes to premium canned foods we tend to prefer food those that have vegetables and other ingredients other than meat because otherwise it is pretty much similar to home-made food. Will post our cats' taste test results on Instinct when we serve this to them after they finish their Addiction Salmon.

On that note, my cats are quite okay with the Addiction Salmon canned food, it doesn't drive them crazy but they aren't snubbing it either. I also fed it to Tikkie but I think she actually preferred the Evo canned food.

rescued cat at Little Paws

One of our favourite shops Little Paws just took in a rescued cat; we found out when we visited the shop today which is located near our vet.

This cat was found outside their shop and had flu. He also had a mis-aligned jaw. Kyra and Eileen took him to the vet for his flu and surgery to correct his jaw, and he is now boarding at their shop and recovering there. He's a cute orange cat! -

Friday, November 27, 2009

chlorpheniramine for tikkie

Tikkie is still sick and I have given her a 1mg dose of chlorpheniramine (also used for allergies, same medicine I gave to Sammy when he had that food allergy) to help alleviate her runny nose for now till we get her to the vet tomorrow.

The strangest thing is that even though she is supposedly sick she is still active, and she has a good appetite, plus she is still able to jump around, cuddle up against us etc. Regardless, I am still paranoid and have been disinfecting and quarantining like it were SARS or Avian flu. Runny nose is apparently rather common in kittens, as is diarrhoea.

Chlorphenaramine is a symptomatic medicine used as an antihistamine for allergies and runny nose. We humans take it for the same problems - it is the small yellow pill that doctors give for runny nose, also known as Piriton if I am not wrong. These pills are available OTC from pharmacies like Guardian - just ask the pharmacist. They are sold in 4mg tablets. Kittens should be given a quarter of that and adult cats half. To find out more about chlorpheniramine read this online article which I found useful when I was confirming if chlorpheniramine was usable for treating runny nose.

I say it is a symptomatic medicine because it probably will alleviate a runny nose but if the runny nose is a symptom of something worse, then your kitten's resultant dry nose will merely be a false notion of health. Hence, the vet, tomorrow. (Thank God for Andy's pay day today).

Addiction - Viva La Venison

I wanted to buy a premium brand of dry food for the cats to add to their usual diet, just for variety's sake. I was keen on Addiction and chose the Venison flavour for them.

Sayang loved it! As you know she is our pickiest cat and so her taste test is really the bar all cat food needs to rise up to in order for us to approve of the food. And Addiction is known to be palatable to fussy eaters, so Sayang's response to the food was pretty much my consumer-expectation.

I was actually hoping to get Evo for them but I haven't been able to see it being sold anywhere lately. Evo is the, according to online pet food reviews, best dry food diet around. It is also the most expensive. The protein level is the highest at around 50%.

Addiction Venison is a grain-free diet, using potatoes as the starch source and vegetables as the fibre source instead. The venison is free-range (poor deers, but cats are carnivores after all). It has a lower protein level than Taste of the Wild, another of our favourite cat food brands, at around 30% crude protein (same as Fit 32).

I think I might be adding Addiction to our list of favourite cat foods soon. The canned food is now looking very attractive since Natural Balance prices have gone up. Later today I will be trying out the King Salmon flavour for their dinners and that will determine if that is another viable flavour we can add to our favourites. I have yet to try the possum and unagi flavours as I am not sure if the cats will like them and personally I don't like unagi (Andy does) but since it's not me who's eating the cat food... probably will try the other flavours some time.

Addiction Viva La Venison retails at Pets Gourmet for $35 (after discount) 1.8kg quantity.

review on Pets Gourmet

I just purchased from Pets Gourmet online.

I have to say, it was a very pleasant experience. The folks from Pets Gourmet are friendly and they responded with an SMS confirmation the same day. Delivery was prompt - same-day, but I wasn't free that evening so I changed it to the next day.

I ordered two cans of Addiction canned food, a bag of Addiction Venison dry food to spice up my cats' usual diet. I also bought our water fountain's filters which Pets Gourmet sells at the cheapest price I can find anywhere.

Minimum order amount for free delivery is $50.

about ear-mites

Tikkie (a short-form for tikus, which means mouse, because she's small, cute and white like a lab-rat!) has a bout of ear mites.

Ear mites are actually quite common and are like fleas and ticks in behaviour. You cannot actually see the ear-mites with the naked eye (they are minute and white in colour) but the symptoms are constantly dirty ears, itching around the ears, an odour emitting from the ears.

A simple home treatment would be to swab the ear with cotton doused in baby oil. The oil actually drowns out the ear-mites. You can also use proprietary ear-cleaners like PPP's ear cleaner. This is if the ear-mites infection is not serious and has not infected the inner ear.
When you send your cat to a groomer, rudimentary ear cleaning with proprietary products is also part of the cat grooming process.

However, if the inner ear is infected, showing debris build-up deep in the ear canal, you will need to get your cat to the vet. An ear-mite treatment, usually one containing pyrethins (the active ingredient in Hobo Flea Shampoo) will be prescribed and applied.

Tikkie's ear mite problem is one that needs a pyrethins-based solution. Her large Siamese cat ear flaps are easy to clean but the inner ear has been infected. There is also a large quantity of debris collecting on her ear flap which we have been cleaning with baby oil regularly.

We have to get Tikkie to the vet, also for her 'flu, but today is a public holiday and the vet will be closed. I have also given her some anti-inflammatory painkillers and fed her rehydration fluid so she can recover asap. Meanwhile, she remains quarantined in our kitchen which I have cleaned to hospital standards - and smell.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


So last night while Andy and I were each at our computers Sayang decided to snooze on our bed. We were each so busy typing away that we didn't actually witness how she got herself in this position:

Andy: Dear, you look at Sayang...
Me: LOL you covered her with the blanket is it?!
Andy: No, she ownself go one!
Andy: Quick take picture!
Me: Aiyah you take lah I is busy, shoo!

And so, much like the singular detached cockroach legs we sometimes find around the house, we saw Sayang's hind leg popping out from under our blankie and Andy caught it on camera.

slinky on the sofa

"When is my strawberry bed coming? Yawn."
Taking pictures of Slinky has been proving challenging lately. Normally I just take pictures of her lying around like a slouch of fur. But to get a proper cat-portrait of her is quite a feat - maybe because Slinky holds such a special place in my heart that I want her to look her best. Also, I want her to look distinguishable from other black cats I have photographed like Zoukie and Boy which isn't much except for her white whiskers, paws and locket. This picture is by far the best I have taken today using our gift-camera. I am not sure if I will use her picture on the notecards for fund-raising, mainly because I didn't actually 'rescue' her, she let herself into my house and just wanted to live with me from that day on. Unless I can find the right caption for her that is congruent with 'Scooter, local kitten rescued from Block 316 Ubi' I think I will leave her out of the cards. Maybe in our coffee-table book (another big idea I hope to carry out when we can)...

adding fish oil supplements to our cats' food

I did mention that I had been adding fish body oil to my cats' food at about 300mg per cat on alternate days.

The benefits of it apart from general good health is that it helps improve skin and coat. Slinky had been shedding a lot and after eating the fish body oil she has stopped shedding as much. Scooter's bald patch is also growing out at a pretty good rate.

Fish body oil or cod liver oil is by far one of the more popular choice of supplements used by pet owners.

Do remember than when considering adding any other supplements you should consider if there is a need and if in doubt consult your vet.

I found a good article on the use of herbal supplements in your pet's diet which you can read if you do choose to add herbal supplements to your cat's food.

Our Vet - The Animal Clinic (Katong)

A reference contact to our vet, for all new pet owners who live in the east.
The Animal Clinic (Katong)
Address: 55 Lor L, Telok Kurau, #01-63, Bright Centre, Singapore 425500
Tel: 6440 4767
Emergency After Office Hours Tel : 6333 5550
  • Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • Open from 9am till 8.30pm (5pm on Saturdays)
Lorong L Telok Kurau is off Still Road, on the left towards the ECP. Bright Centre is a 3-storey building located on the junction of Telok Kurau Road and Lorong L Telok Kurau. The nearest highways are ECP (Marine Parade) and PIE (Eunos Link).

The Animal Clinic also has a branch at Clementi (Sunset Way) located at Blk 109 Clementi St 11 #01-19/31. Tel : 6774 4464 / 6776 3450

Our veterinarian of choice is Dr Dawn Chong who is great with answering your questions as a pet owner, is great with cats, knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner.

innova evo canned food

For my recent birthday I spent a little bit of my birthday money on something for my cats. Because the funds didn't come to much, one of the things I bought was a can of Evo cat food.

I have to say that on opening the can, it smelled really good. Plus the cats finished all their food, even my picky Sayang, so I guess it must really taste good.

I like the fact that it contains unique ingredients such as whole eggs, cheese and seaweed extract. An interesting addition to the usual meats and carrots. When I served it to the cats I didn't add their recently-usual dose of fish body oil (~300mg each daily usually) as I wanted them to enjoy the food as is; but there is a good dose of fish oil in the food already anyway.

The only problem is that it is rather pricey (upwards from $3). But Natural Balance has gone up anyway too. It however may be slightly sustainable for us if we get them a couple of cans of Evo a month; Scooter's canned food consumption is already going down as he is growing up, as is the habit in our household for our soon-to-be-adult cats.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

taking kitty pics

After having somewhat practised on our camera gift I have made a mental summary on how to take nice kitty pictures. Do bear in mind that I am no professional photographer so all this may be very rudimentary to those of you who are whiz-photogs. My photographic training goes as far as only knowing how to compose a picture using concepts of positive-negative space and the rule-of-thirds. I have no idea on how to work shutter speed and all that jazz. I just know that when the green square focuses on what I would like to focus on, it is time to press that round thingamajig button. Oh and to not move my hands too much.

Anyway, from a noob photographer who has been trying to take pictures of her cats, here are my tips:
  • Use natural sunlight. Flash or red-eye is not flattering for most cats as their eyes reflect the light and their fur will look unnaturally glossy - too much light contrast.Example:With flash
Without flash
  • Choose the macro function - this will make your cat's individual features such as his whiskers, fur texture, nose-leather etc. more prominent and thus more heart-warming in the picture.
  • Take close-ups. Your cat should fill the picture as far as possible. Hence the macro function. Example: Close-up Very close up

  • Patience is key. Your cat will likely not be still throughout the process, nor will he smile just because you go 'Say cheese!'. You need to try a lot of times to get that one perfect shot.
  • Groom your cat a little before you take pictures - tear-stains, loose fur, dirty ears and snotty noses don't look good on photos especially if you follow the tips above - everything becomes visible!
  • Take note of your cat's 'good side' - think of how Mariah Carey only allows pictures of herself taken from one side and not the other. Some cats just look better from certain angles.
Of course, it all really depends on individual preferences and tastes, but those above are my thoughts. Have fun taking pictures of your kitties!

transparency on our fund-raising

I did mention the recent setback we had regarding our headquarters Angels Pet Shop. The worst of the crisis seems over and it is likely that Angels will survive through it. Hence we are going forward with the fund-raising as the cats in Ubi definitely need our help - especially Zone 2 for sterilisation. There are also other pressing issues at hand but this is definitely of the highest priority.

When Aswat is ready - he needs to settle his business matters and he is also currently sick, and busy with the upcoming Haji holiday- the three of us will be forming a joint-account to manage the funds more transparently for all. We are as yet not a registered society or charity, hence the joint account will be in three of our names - kind of how Straits Times Pocket Money fund started with the bank account for donations being held in name by the patron of the fund.

Just to give some credence to Ubi Kuching Project as a pseudo-charity (fund-raising raises more questions than funds, really): I would like to share more about Andy, Aswat and myself as we are the key people in Ubi Kuching Project.

My core professional training is in management, which includes accounting, law and marketing. I have previously co-managed a small business. I have also work experience in an NGO, post-NKF, and have done humanitarian work both locally and overseas. I am currently freelancing as a private tutor for teenagers.

Andy is working for CPG which is the former version of PWD. He administrates facilities management for the Singapore prisons staff quarters, as a Senior Technical Executive. He is professionally trained in engineering.

Aswat is the owner of Angels Pet Shop. He has been involved in animal rescue and welfare work since he was a teenager. Prior to owning his business, he has also worked in animal shelters and a veterinary clinic.

For transparency I will be publishing on the blog the financials of the fund we will be setting up for Ubi Kuching Project.

As a start, here is a snapshot of the costing worksheet I drew up (a new one, as the old one disappeared with the now defunct old desktop computer). At least 70% of the $18 per box-set of notecards will go to benefiting the animals we reach, hence the RRP.

*Cartridges refers to our printer ink.

I will be going forward with sharing our financials publicly as well as make our fund-raising and resource-management as transparent and accountable as is reasonably possible. With that, I hope we will gain your continued support for Ubi Kuching Project, a hobby that has become for us our social responsibility.

another notecard design - do share your pics!

I no longer have Adobe Photoshop on my computer, so I have been playing around with MS Office 7 (my new desktop has it) which is kind of like the Vista version of MS Office. It has some amazing picture-editing abilities like borders and effects, and even though it is Microsoft it is actually good enough to use for card-making. Hence I used Word to make my drafts of the notecards.

Here is a screenshot of what I did on MS Word 7.

I will probably be taking more pictures with our gift-camera, of stray cats around Ubi if I cannot find enough Ubi Kuching Project pet cats' pics to use. I need 6 more pictures. If you would like to contribute, please email them to me. The pictures should be in high resolution, portrait-style.

I will be writing up the photo-credits and individual stories of the cats featured in each of the notecards - there will be 10 in all - on this blog as an adjunct to the purchase of each set of notecards. This is so as not to cram the card with a barrage of words as well as to act as a teaser for recipients of the card to get click-happy and visit our blog! I felt that less-is-more but if you do have any feedback on what more ought to be on the back of the card, do feel free to voice them out.

white kitty

There is one last white kitty at Angels right now.

To share a bit on the story of this litter: the owner of the parent cats had financial difficulties in sterilising all of his rescued cats at one go. So, some of his cats are still not neutered, thus the resultant litter. We are helping him to sterilise all his cats one at a time by inviting him to join us on our joint neutering programmes we carry out for the cats in Ubi.

In the meanwhile, kittens resulted. The cats of this household have both Persian and Siamese genes, so the resultant kittens carry both characteristics.

The last kitty that has yet to be adopted is a white female, odd-eyed (blue / copper), ergo, deaf. She has recovered from the bout of flu she had when she first came to the shop.

Her fur is semi-long, single-coated. Think Balinese cats. She has Siamese features except that her points are masked, hence she is all white. Her behaviour is also characteristic of Siamese cats - active, loves human company, and loves to play.

If you are keen on adopting her please contact me Elaine at 9088 0675, or Aswat at 93378211. She will be staying with me and Andy over the Fri-Sun holiday period.

use of photos for notecards

I am in the midst of printing out drafts - already, finally! - of the notecards we are creating for our fund-raising. If you have previously sent us any of your kitty-pics and would like to allow us to use them, do leave me a comment on this post or send me an email at avalon.apart [at] gmail.com. Thanks!

Soft Kitty!

If you are familiar with the sit-com The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon from this TV show likes to be sung to when he's sick. He is a bit of a hypochondriac. The song he wants sung to him is "Soft Kitty" and after watching this series I cannot get this song out of my head!

And recently when Rex the guinea pig got adopted by Auntie Rose and we were bringing him to her house, I sang the song to Rex (yes I know he is not a kitty) to calm him down as he was feeling very stressed over the move.

The song is really funny actually so I did a rendition of it. I made a little video of this same song using my guitar and scratchy voice. Just for fun - enjoy the kitty-song!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

appeal for curly the cat

I received an email about Curly. He was a stray cat who got abused by some people and after receiving medical treatments from a kind patron, he was placed in a shelter.

The shelter is now intending to put Curly to sleep as his 'time has run out'.

We are hoping to find Curly a permanent home as he would not be able to adapt well living on the streets again.

Do call Raymond at 81126571 to find out more.

Monday, November 23, 2009

another zone 2 newcomer

Yesterday when we took a little trip around Zone 2 we found a cat that Auntie Rose has been talking about - a newcomer. Whom we highly suspect is skinny orange cat's brother as they both originated from Zone 2.

He is similar to his brother in character, very manja and sociable, and his fur is just as soft and thick. He differs in colouration in that he has splashes of colour - like a Seychellois cat - instead of a uniform cream with lighter shades on his underside.

sicky-kitty found a new home!

One of the white cross-Siamese kittens that we have been trying to re-home has been down with flu for a while now, and despite already being 5 weeks old still prefers to be hand-reared with milk instead of eating his baby cat food.

Yesterday, the kitty got adopted by a loving family from Bukit Panjang! The man's lovely wife knows how to take care of young infirmed kittens and so he chose the kitty that was still unwell over his recovered sibling. It is very kind of them indeed.

Here is a picture of our happy adopter!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

orange bubble-tea 'brothers'

Skinny orange cat is not skinny anymore! And, after having taken root at his new 'home' the bubble tea shop at Block 304, he has been joined by another orange cat!

Here is a picture of them so cutely sleeping together on a chair outside the bubble tea shop!

The two of them are the only two male cats in the area that can get along with each other. There is only one more unsterilised male in this area so there aren't any major cat fights these two orange 'brothers' have had with others.

the recent slow-flow

A little bit of explanation on the recent slow-flow of blog posts.

A lot has been happening. Not cat-wise, but human-related.

Firstly, I have been ill and thus the lack of updates on the blog. But I am feeling better now and hence I am back, apologies for the recent absence!

Another reason why there seems to be a slowdown in our work at Ubi Kuching Project has to do with Angels Pet Shop. As you would know, Angels is where we board rescued and re-homing cats. It is the headquarters which we do our stray cat sterilisation from. All the necessary apparatus and supplies needed for our animal welfare work is supplied by Angels.

Angels Pet Shop is owned by Aswat, but right now his other investor needs to pull out of the business. Understandably, this is caused a major crisis for Aswat as he does not have enough personal liquid assets that can be contributed in his investor's stead. Angels is left with two choices: close up shop, or find another investor.

Of course, the latter option has been Aswat's choice and he has been working on finding an interested investor. The next thing he needs to do is to work up the shop's current balance sheet so that the exiting investor's share can be calculated for liquidation. Based on the amount, he can then invite a new investor to take over. All that is a lot of work, so the balance sheet will need time to be worked out.

If no investor is willing to take over, Angels actually will be closing down by the end of the year. This is bad news for Ubi Kuching Project because we need Angels. Because we are symbiotically linked to Angels and have become Aswat's friend Andy and I are going to help Aswat out in whatever way we can short of investing in his business because we don't have that kind of money.

This current crisis of course did not happen overnight, and discretion compelled me not to write on this until now, because the situation has taken precedence over our work at Ubi Kuching Project. If Angels ceases to exist Ubi Kuching Project will have to re-group and re-form.

In either way, I have no doubt that we will still continue our animal welfare work in Ubi. But until the Angels situation is certain we will not be able to move on. Especially in terms of fund-raising, because if we no longer have Angels, fund-raising for Ubi Kuching Project needs to be re-aligned as I have calculated our financial needs based on boarding costs at Angels and mainly for neutering work of the Ubi strays. Without a space, fund-raising will need a new brick-and-mortar presence to work from, as well as extend to providing us the finances for new boarding space.

In the meantime, I will still be blogging here and will continue to write on all things catty in our neighbourhood. See you next post!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I spoke about the white kittens currently at the shop.

Andy did manage to get a picture of them in their pen at Angels.

Here was when there were 3 of them at the shop - 1 has been adopted.

They are extremely playful, coming from their Oriental genes. They have semi-long fur. One of them is odd-eyed (copper and blue) and the other is blue-eyed. This means that either both or at least the odd-eyed is deaf. But they get along well regardless and are still vocal and active.

hansel & gretel!

I got an email from the lovely people who adopted Hansel and Gretel!

Hey! These are some of the pictures we took of Hansel and Gretel!

It's been about 3 weeks or so since we've adopted them, and it's been a blast!

We've recently brought them to the vet a few times, due to Cloud(Hansel) having a bad flu and vomitting, and then Ice(Gretel) catching the flu... but both of them are better now!

They've also recently been deflea-ed, and scheduled for vaccinations and deworming in the coming weeks!

They've grown from 100g to 150g so far...

Here are some pictures of them!

They have the funniest sleeping postures!

Thanks so much!

Evan and John.

And here are the pics!

auntie can

This is one of our cat patrons, feeder and sponsor of Zone 1, Auntie Can. Auntie Can actually does not live in Ubi, but in the next town. She noticed a few years ago that no one was feeding the stray cats in Ubi central and so she made it her personal mission to feed the strays in this area every night, without fail.

She also sponsors all the neutering in Ubi central, aka Zone 1. Almost all the cats in this area are sterilised except for one or two elusive males and some new kittens. She is also the one who pays for vet fees whenever any of the stray cats need to be brought to the vet.

She is an amazing person. She not only feeds in Ubi but also in other areas. Then at midnight she goes home to close her provision shop. She is a total nocturnal animal just like her cats.

Thank you Auntie Can.

a loving father

During the time of our blog hiatus, there were a few white Siamese-Persian kittens in our shop. One of them adopted already, by a loving father for his daughter who really wanted a cat.

This uncle works in the Ubi area and lives in Choa Chu Kang. He had been debating on whether to adopt the hamsters his friend was offering, or a kitten, but had finally decided on the kitten.

Here he is, happy with his new family pet!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Still on hiatus

Computer still down and will be indefinitely. New one on the way in a week's or so time. Andy's computer impossible to use either. Will continue to be on forced-blogging-hiatus till my new one arrives. In the meanwhile if you need some kitty stuff to read, do look through our featured articles, archives, links on the right sidebar. I will also be updating Twitter @ubikuching as often as i can, so do follow us there as well. Have a good kitty weekend!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My computer is currently at the clinic for suspected PSU problems. Will be back soon when i have it back! Ubi Kuching Project still business as usual - Salem and Shelley both adopted, Ubi-wide neutering still on tomorrow night.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

caught mid-treat

We recently bought another pack of Angel's Salmon Treats for our cats - because we had to give them a bath this weekend, so it was some kind of 'atonement' on our part. I took some very un-glamourous photos of our three cats mid-treat, it is a laugh!

They are absolutely crazy about these treats. Andy combines the dispensing of treats with some basic cat-training too: our treats are kept in a metal box and whenever he taps the box, the cats come running. When he says 'up!' to them they will stand up and get their treat. They love it. We have to buy them these treats more often!

notecard - 2nd draft

The top is the front, the bottom is the back, the card will be blank inside. Regardless of printing cost versus aesthetics I think I will stick to black and white for a classic look and feel.

Now, to create 9 more designs for our box-set of 10 notecards. (If you have an Ubi Kuching pic you would like to contribute, do email me.)

Then to raise the capital for the printing before we package and sell.

We are open to placing by-liners at the back of the card e.g. "printing sponsored by -" if we get any donations in this respect. I would probably print the name of the printing shop we will be getting these done at, if they are willing to give us a better rate for the production of these cards.

baking soda in cat litter - best!

Remember I wrote about the uses of baking soda for cats?

Well I tried it for the past week myself by sprinkling baking soda into their litter boxes.

Usually, the filter tray for the litter boxes using pine pellets needs to be changed once per week for one cat. We usually change ours twice a week at least otherwise the pee smell will still emanate from the litter boxes even though pine is already very deodourising.

I added the baking soda to their litter trays last weekend. This weekend, when Andy cleared out the litter trays, he didn't even realise that I hadn't cleared the lower tray for a whole week. There was no pee smell at all! It was only after he cleared everything that I told him, and he was really surprised to find out that it didn't smell at all even though the liners were not cleared for a whole week.

Not only is adding baking soda to the litter boxes great for the household, it is also great on the environment because it means we are using lesser litter pan liners. We still clear the poo on a daily basis of course, but now with the baking soda added to the litter boxes, we can change the liner less often. It will not affect the cats' desire to use the litter tray as the liner below is separated from the pellets on top - if the poo is not cleared they will decline to go to the litter box since cats are fastidiously clean, even about their toilets.

And baking soda only costs a dollar plus from supermarkets!

There are also proprietary cat litter brands that use baking soda as one of their ingredients, and that is also an alternative if you are into only using pet brand items for your cats.

I also added baking soda to my ashtrays so that there will not be a stale smell from the ashtrays, but that is another whole topic altogether. Search 'household uses for baking soda' in Google and you will come up with plenty of tips for using this simple ingredient around the house.

Baking soda is now a permanent feature on my cleaning agents shelf in the kitchen. It is absolutely indispensable!