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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to give to Love Kuching on a monthly basis via internet banking

Assuming you are a DBS internet banking user, here is how you can set up a standing instruction to give monthly to Love Kuching Project. Log in to your account online and click on the circled links shown in the graphics below -

This will lead you to a page where you can fill in the details such as our bank account - POSB Savings 188-52652-7, and how much you want to give monthly (no amount is too small). When you come to the part which says payee name, we are unsure as to whether the bank means it is for your reference or it requires the actual account holders' names - to be safe, put either Chiam Elaine or Koh Zhen Jian. As long as you have got our Love Kuching account number right, the funds will not be accidentally routed to our personal accounts. Our branch is Kampung Ubi but the branch code is standardised across all POSB branches as 081.

The standing instruction set up is likely available on other banks' internet banking websites as well.

By default all standing instructions i.e. monthly cash gifts are routed to our Boarding Fund. If you wish to make a monthly gift to other funds you can let us know and we will direct according to your preferences.

"Thank you for your monthly giving! Am happy!"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

January 2013 Bank Statement [Easy to view format]

We had the recent fortune of talking to a cat angel who is an accountant. You may not have noticed this but we haven't been publishing our annual reports as frequently these past two years, nor updating the realtime bank and cash balances on the blog. All our books are here with us, paper trails and all, we just didn't arrange it for publishing.

None of the Love Kuching folks are numbers people really, we are sheepish amobout it, but we tried our best and often we end up having to do other more pressing cat things. Which is not good enough of course, so we are on the prowl for another human (volunteer) who is good at admin and accounts so we can publish the annual reports we missed, retrospectively. In the meantime, you can still access our FY 2010 annual report. And always remember that as donors, no matter when, our books can be perused if you request to see them.

In the meantime, so that the non-numbers-orientated humans here won't lose hair and sleep, we are going to put up our monthly bank balances (cash in bank) with indications of which partition funds the go to or originate from in a simple one-glance format once a month. This statement will not reflect petty cash though, which we use mainly for adoption fees collection and purchase claims.

It is a simple screenshot off the DBS website. Less work for us in the meantime and also easier for you to have a one-glance. Win-win situation! We like!

Here you go, January 2013 Bank statement
 photo 1-2013-screenshot_zps866d20fe.png
Any questions you may have about the cash in bank January statement, do let us know!

To become a monthly giver, here is how.
To give a one time donation, here is how.
To be the human we are looking for, accounting trained and good at adminstration, bookkeeping, email us.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Junie the Aljunied stray cat

A beautiful black cat gets rescued!
Junie, a friendly community cat from Aljunied

On Saturday we got a call about an injured stray cat. She was acting more aggressive, and had weak appetite, likely from pain. She had a wound on her inner foreleg, sustained late last week. The rescuers had financial difficulties paying for her veterinary care fully so we are very grateful that the Stray Cat Fund was available to help!

Junie's wound
We got a cat trapper to get Junie to our vet. Dr Dawn Chong saw her and suspects it is likely a cat bite wound that grew into an abscess which then burst. We have seen such injuries before and it can be fatal if not treated soon enough.

Dr Chong flushed Junie's wound with saline and then applied Panalog ointment. Junie would need stitches for the wound to heal but because the injury site is still inflamed, she would need to go on antibiotics first. Junie is now at our foster home receiving her medication and getting her wound flushed and medicated daily. She will go for surgery on Wednesday and then return to us to recover fully.

We have Panalog and saline at our foster home, save $!
Junie's first vet bill, paid for from Stray Cat Fund

After her surgery, because the wound is near a joint, she will need to stay indoors with restricted movement and continue antibiotics, because otherwise the wound will reopen. Junie is also having pain and we are managing her pain with Tramadol. We also would like her to regain her appetite fully before she returns to the streets.

She initially was quite stressed when she came to our foster home, likely from pain and the introduction to new cats. After some pain meds, massages and aromatherapy, she calmed down. Heh, we found out she likes catnip.

Junie chilling out after pain meds kicked in
We are also giving her supplements of fish oil and turmeric to aid in wound healing. She takes her meds very easily and will eat her supplements when it is in canned food. She only likes canned food though, and we have run out. (Want to help feed Junie while she is here? Here is how.)

So far we have really enjoyed Junie's company! She is easy going, and her temperament is lovely when she isn't in pain. She is so easy to bathe, feed meds too, and will listen to instructions. She is about 5 years old this year and has a super classy temperament to match.

Will update more after her surgery. Look out for her pics on our Instagram / Facebook / Twitter (luvkuching).

If you want to contribute to the Stray Cat Fund, make a deposit to our bank account POSB savings 188-52652-7 and email us so we can appropriate your gift to the fund.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year safety for kitties!

Holiday around the corner! Remember to keep the kitties safe. Here are some pointers you may like to look out for during this festive time.

  • If you use ribbons to tie decorations to plants, take care not to leave any stray ones that can be swallowed by kitty. Swallowing a stray string or ribbon may lead to intestinal obstruction requiring surgery. 
  • Some snacks are simply too oily for kitty to digest. Like bak kwa. Yes, some cats do like pork. Jerky treats (dehydrated meat) are available for cats that are more suitable.
  • Fish is important for many a Chinese new year meal. Unfortunately there are bones and therefore should be kept away from kitty. If you want your cat to share in the fish, pressure cook it to make sure the bones are no longer a choking hazard. Do not add salt or any seasonings to it.
  • Kids will come to visit! If they are new to kitty, do take time to teach them how to interact with a cat. No touch areas include kitty's tail, tummy and paws. Do not force kitty to make friends if she doesn't want to, it will create stress for her. 
  • Lion dance is a stressor to cats because of its loud noise. Keep kitty in a quiet room when there are lion dance performances around the neighbourhood. Likewise for mahjong. 
  • Take care to notice signs of stress in kitty: constipation. overgrooming. peeing outside the litter box, lack of appetite.
Safety first, folks. Have a great holiday!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Wellness canned food range

Cubed or minced meat in gravy. (Also available sliced.)
Our corporate sponsor @TheWaterDish gave us the new Wellness range of canned foods to try. The kitties love it! The humans weigh in on the pros and cons of this new range of Wellness wet food.

Gravy. A lot of cats like gravy but find that there isn't much choice in the canned food department that comes with a lot of gravy. In fact, some resort to giving Whiskas pouch food from supermarkets because of the gravy, and we know Whiskas contains far too much salt that it is unhealthy. The new Wellness range comes with gravy but is far healthier! Cats that love gravy can eat and be healthy.

Palatability. No the humans didn't actually try it but the foster cats did and they really took to the range. All the formulas, be it tuna, turkey, chicken or salmon. They seem to have no preference over the cubed or minced variety and sometimes we fed it to them mixed. Balloon, who was initially very fussy over his canned food, which we needed him to eat because his meds or supplements were mixed inside, and also because his medication makes him need to consume more water, really liked this range too. Considering he used to eat fried ikan kuning fish, this was testament that the food passed taste testing.

Downside is probably one ingredient that some cat nutrition folks will disapprove of: natural flavour. The argument is that we do not know how this flavour is derived,. Another downside is that for a small can, $2.50 makes it less affordable than our favourite go-to brands for economical reasons: Addiction 185gm and Nutripe. But for those who like not having leftover canned food that needs to be stored in the fridge till the next meal, the new Wellness range is an ideal size. For a single meal a day, one can is just nice, for a smaller meal, half a can per cat.

Our most particular favourites are the cubed turkey and salmon, and minced tuna. and here you go, another new range of cat food to try!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Cooky, construction site injury victim

Cooky is a black and white 6 month old kitten who came to us to recuperate from flesh wounds he sustained as a stray kitty in a construction site.

When he first arrived, he was missing the flesh off a toe and had a skinned elbow. He also showed signs of trauma, but did well under intensive care.

Injured hind toe
Skinned elbow
He was on oral antibiotics which he has completed, and now needs only topical medication on his wounds. They have stopped bleeding so much and are enroute to recovery.

Cooky will be returned to his territory at the construction site once his toe and elbow heal, unless a human steps forward wanting to adopt him!

If you are keen, here is more about Cooky.

Cooky likes human affection
Cooky is a very affectionate cat, enjoys talking to us a lot, and is obedient. He likes lounging together with us when we call him, yet is not overly attention-seeking. He is independent and doesn't mind being on his own but always enjoys a hug. He is very suited for being a pet cat because of these personality traits. Oh, and he is very greedy! Seeing him munch away at food reminds us that cats really love simple things in life such as food.

He is a black and white neutered male kitten with a short tail.

Cooky, relaxing
He is on Revolution, and litter trained. When his toe and elbow heal, he will be looked over by the vet one more time to make sure everything is okay.
Keen to adopt him? See here or right side bar under 'How to adopt' to find out how.