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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to give to Love Kuching on a monthly basis via internet banking

Assuming you are a DBS internet banking user, here is how you can set up a standing instruction to give monthly to Love Kuching Project. Log in to your account online and click on the circled links shown in the graphics below -

This will lead you to a page where you can fill in the details such as our bank account - POSB Savings 188-52652-7, and how much you want to give monthly (no amount is too small). When you come to the part which says payee name, we are unsure as to whether the bank means it is for your reference or it requires the actual account holders' names - to be safe, put either Chiam Elaine or Koh Zhen Jian. As long as you have got our Love Kuching account number right, the funds will not be accidentally routed to our personal accounts. Our branch is Kampung Ubi but the branch code is standardised across all POSB branches as 081.

The standing instruction set up is likely available on other banks' internet banking websites as well.

By default all standing instructions i.e. monthly cash gifts are routed to our Boarding Fund. If you wish to make a monthly gift to other funds you can let us know and we will direct according to your preferences.

"Thank you for your monthly giving! Am happy!"