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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

[Adopt] Tiny Tim, the Black Panther

If you are looking for a feline hero, Tiny Tim is the one you are looking for.

Dressed in black fur from head to toe, he has the spirit and confidence of the Marvel Comics character. He is an active and boisterous 5 month old kitten. He can often be found play-fighting with other cats and enjoys being the little alpha cat of his foster household.

Tiny Tim was first found at a school car park located along Turf Club Road when he was about three to four weeks old. He was found with conjunctivitis, but recovered under the diligent care of his foster parent.

Tiny Tim was so named because he was small in size and a little shy at the beginning, and he fell sick a couple more times along the way, suffering from diarrhea, then flu, and possible feline herpes.

Feline herpes, also known as FVR, is non-contagious to humans and dogs; however it is contagious to other cats. It is easily managed with a nutritious diet and a stress-free environment, and Tim will still live his life to the best of his potential.

Despite some setbacks on his health, Tiny Tim is a warrior and fighter. He still is energetic and loves feather wands and toys that make sounds. Not only is he fun to be with, he is also an easy-going cat. Tiny Tim does not make a fuss about bath time and will follow you around the house, always ready for a new game. He is friendly with children, and will be a great playmate for families with kids as he loves to play as much as he loves being snuggled and carried around.

If you think Tiny Tim is the addition to your household you have been looking for, you’re in luck. Tiny Tim is up for adoption! He has been fully dewormed and vaccinated. Please read the info on the adoption page carefully and answer the adoption questionnaire. Any questions can be sent to Diana at She will screen responses to the questionnaire and contact suitable prospective adopters for a visit to the cattery.

Can’t adopt? Please consider donating and sharing our donation appeals. As a tiny, not-for-profit shelter, we rely on donations and volunteers in order to keep rescuing and rehabilitating community cats that need help. Rent and medical bills are high and any amount helps.

You can also sign up to volunteer at our shelter for a one-time play/clean session, or write to for long-term volunteer opportunities.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

[Adopt] Keira and Kafka, the Wonder Twins

Looking for the purr-fect pair of playful twins to liven up your home? Look no further than here, because Keira and Kafka are in town!

Keira and Kafka were rescued from Sungei Kadut, after their mother was killed by a stray dog. When they first came, they were quiet and a little shy, but it didn’t take long for them to realize that the cattery was theirs for the taking! Keira and Kafka soon began staking their claim, running around and climbing cages, batting the tails of other cats for fun, stealing food--and our hearts--along the way!

Peekaboo! It's me, Keira!

Keira is the leader of the two, often putting Kafka in his place during fights, pinning him down and swatting him on the head. She’s fiery and talkative, and loves meowing to let people know to pay attention to her and give her cuddles… before she gets distracted by a toy and runs off again.

Kafka looking ready to pounce!

Kafka, while every bit as playful and eager as his sister, has a mellower side to him, often being the first to doze off after a playing session. He’s also the bigger eater of the two, often sneaking bites from other cats’ food bowls, and sometimes even climbing onto the counter to “help” with food prep!

This dynamic duo always liven up the cattery with their boundless energy. They know how to keep themselves busy, and are content with even the simplest of toys. They’re also curious and mischievous, always being the first to poke their nose into something new!

Keira and Kafka would do well in a house with other pets, or a house that’s all to themselves! They’ve been seen playing with our other kitten admission, Tiny Tim, and are quick to get used to the presence of other cats.

Kafka and Tim having a battle! Raar!

Besides being high energy, both Keira and Kafka also love being snuggled, and are happy to be picked up! Kafka in particular, loves sitting on shoulders and surveying his kingdom. Both kittens are free-spirits with wild souls, so if you’re looking for a devilishly adorable set of twin terrors, Keira and Kafka could be the pair for you!

Resting after a hard day of playing.

For interested adopters, do read through our adoption page and answer our adoption questionnaire. If you have any questions regarding the adoption process, or these two adorable rascals, please read the info on the adoption page carefully and answer the adoption questionnaire. Any questions can be sent to Diana at She will screen responses to the questionnaire and contact suitable prospective adopters for a visit to the cattery.

Can’t adopt? Please consider donating and sharing our donation appeals. As a tiny, not-for-profit shelter, we rely on donations and volunteers in order to keep rescuing and rehabilitating community cats that need help. Rent and medical bills are high and any amount helps.

You can also sign up to volunteer at our shelter for a one-time play/clean session, or write to for long-term volunteer opportunities.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-907-655-0 or via credit card.
Donate food or litter to us at charity rates via Polypet
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

[Adopt] Russ, the Tuxedo Kitten

Are you looking for the best cat son who gets along with bigger cats and will forever love you? Meet Russ.

Russ is a Tuxedo kitten with white patches on all four paws that resemble little finger gloves, and a heart bigger than his tiny body.

He was found abandoned in a box outside of a condominium when he was a month old, and not in great shape: he was heavily constipated, and as a result of rough living, he was full of worms. Thanks to his foster parents, Russ is now doing much better.

Friendly with bigger cats, Russ has been known to snuggle with bigger, fluffier cats and use them as his pillow while they look at him fondly (or resignedly). He also loves to jump on other adult cats and engage in play with them, usually trying to play with their tails. However, he’s also able to entertain himself, spending long periods of time wrestling with his favourite kitty toy.

He is a very affectionate cat and needs many cuddles. When he wants to he will seek out his foster parents for a nap, climbing onto their shoulders and kneading their necks before he falls asleep. The tiny claws hurt but hey, who can complain about a neck massage?

He’s tiny in size, but big on climbing, napping and being carried around like a small child. He already has a fan club amongst our volunteers and made his debut as a cat model to rave reviews at our most recent event A Valentine’s Fairytail @ CHIJMES, where he, alongside his kitty comrades helped raise money for the Love Kuching Project. He’s also proven to be very good as a therapy cat, and is patient with people of all ages.

If you think Russ is the cat son you have been looking all your life, you’re in luck. Russ is up for adoption! He has been fully dewormed and vaccinated. Please read the info on the adoption page carefully and answer the adoption questionnaire. Any questions can be sent to Diana at She will screen responses to the questionnaire and contact suitable prospective adopters for a visit to the cattery.

Can’t adopt? Please consider donating and sharing our donation appeals. As a tiny, not-for-profit shelter, we rely on donations and volunteers in order to keep rescuing and rehabilitating community cats that need help. Rent and medical bills are high and any amount helps.

You can also sign up to volunteer at our shelter for a one-time play/clean session, or write to for long-term volunteer opportunities.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-907655-0 or via credit card.
Donate food or litter to us at charity rates via Polypet
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Our New Year Auspicious Wishlist!

'Gong Xi Fa Cai' from Gizmo! Photo credits: Nick from Furry Photos
Featuring: Handcrafted crochet oranges and bowtie collar by Yarn over Flowers

We have been touched by many of you cat angels last year, thank you! And since we’ve missed the christmas season, we decided to plan for the CNY festivities instead! For those of you who would like to give in the most practical of ways, here’s our 5 highest ranking chinese new year wishlist items.

If there are any items in this list that you wish to buy for us, let us know! This way there will not be any double orders, and we will also be able to partner donors up if they’d prefer to divide and conquer the costs for a particular item. Those items that you would like to either mail / courier to us or come in person with them, we will also give you our address. (We are a closed-admission shelter and visits are by appointment, so we cannot accept surprise drop offs of these gifts...) Alternatively, you may also sponsor a gift. Our respective Team Managers will then make the purchase on your behalf. When your gift arrives, we’ll snap a picture and mail it to you along with a handwritten thank you note!


Learn more about the humble beginnings of our FosNet team when it was first set up in 2014, and about how our volunteers have made a difference by home fostering sick or very young kittens:


Early this year, our Rescue Team made a special effort to reignite our FosNet arm, which takes in few-weeks old abandoned kittens that are too sick or weak to be placed with the other cats in the cattery. This came about because of the huge spike in the number of rescue submissions for abandoned kittens in the months of November and December last year. As a small cattery, we do not have the space or resources to take in so many kittens since our primary focus is still on rehabilitating and providing clinical care for the injured and chonically ill cats in our community. As such, we have come to rely increasingly on our FosNet volunteers.

With kittens, obviously the item most in need is… Yes, you guessed it, MILK! KMR Milk costs $40 for a full tin when store bought, and a single kitten (*ahem* Russ!) can polish it off in just a single week!!! Our FosNet Coordinator has come up with the smart solution of ordering KMR Milk online through Amazon, where it’d be much cheaper – approximately $15 SGD per can. If you’d like to donate KMR Milk or sponsor them, we will put you in direct contact with our FosNet Coordinator.

You may also check out the awesome work she is doing with her own LKP fostercare kittens @
Ledeuxchats on Instagram!

Foster Kitten Russ gobbling up his milk with two paws
KMR Kitten Milk Replacer (Powder form)



Our outreach team rarely asks for anything, really. So far, the team has thrifted and saved on its operations cost – so that as much funds go directly towards helping the kittens in Fostercare as possible – essentially by self supplying all therapy related necessities. This includes: mini fans and cooler packs for the therapy cats, a portable speaker to play relaxing music for beneficiaries, cat transport carriers, harnesses, portable food and water bowls etc. etc. You name it and the outreach team has somehow managed to source for it without tapping into the general funds (mainly the volunteers bring items from their own home hahaha! Or we’ve had donors generously donate cat carriers, boxes, beds and treats to us!) So we know that when the outreach team finally ask for something, it really would be a wish-come-true for them!

Curently, most of our outreach volunteers willingly absorb transport costs to and from outreach sessions into their own daily expenses. However, especially for the regular vollies who commit to fortnightly cat therapy sessions and have to grab/uber their way back and forth because of the precious cargo they are carrying (i.e. the VIP therapy cat of course!) OR become they are rushing down for sessions right after work, transport expenses can really become quite steep over time. For a start, we will be appealing for transport sponsors to support just 2 of our core members (without cars/driving license) in the outreach team.

One of the above-mentioned Outreach vollies
during a bedside therapy session at Ren Ci Nursing Home 

At present, a two-way journey to the therapy venue and back costs an average of $20 on Grab. We would be happy to receive sponsors. You may chose either to be put in direct contact with the volunteer you are sponsoring, or to simply contribute any sum to the Outreach Transport Fund. 
Vollie's home to Ren Ci Nursing Home on Grab
Ren Ci Nursing Home back to vollie's home on Grab

Also, another special request: Our Outreach Boss drives (usually with at least 3 therapy cats in the boot and as many volunteers as she can squeeze in the car) on a bi-weekly basis from her home -> cattery (pick up therapy kittens) -> therapy venue (sometimes at the other end of Singapore) -> cattery (return therapy kittens and settle them down) -> home sweet home (finally!). She commits to this insane regiment so as to physically be present to oversee and coordinate as many cat therapy sessions as is humanly possible + ensure the welfare and safety of our therapy kittens. As such, any help with Outreach Boss’ petrol costs accrued from therapy cat transportation would also be very gladly welcomed! You will be put in direct contact with Outreach Boss. 

Outreach boss at Rainbow Centre in 2015.
To this day, she persists in leading her team with 100% commitment and 200% heart!


Learn more about how we provide quality care for the kitties here:

3. FISH TANK WITH FILTER - Donation received (21/2/18)

As part of providing holistic care and mental stimulation for the cats during the long hours they spend alone in the cattery, we’ve taken the extra effort to keep a couple of fishes in a clean, (and yes, safe from cats!) enclosed tank environment.

It is our duty to make sure that the fish are safe from harm. As such, one of our volunteers has recently taken the initiative to specially work with a fish guide on this matter. He will be drafting and monitoring the fish situation to ensure that the fishes are continually being well cared for. This initiative will be implemented and overseen by our Operations Team Manager after the CNY holidays.

We are in need of a new fish tank that comes with a filter (if possible also tank lighting that can be set through timer). Our old tank was very kindly donated by the above volunteer but is no longer in optimal working condition due to its dislodged lid. As we don’t have a particular brand or model in mind yet, interested sponsors are welcome to shop for a promising fish tank of their choice! You will also be put in contact with our fish vollie and Operations Team Manager for fish tank related logistical arrangments/communications.

An example of a suitable fish tank with filer and lamp



We did our research and have decided on the iPad mini 2 based on the following arbitrary requirements:
   Value for money - not cheap, because cheap devices can be slow and unreliable. 
   Tolerably fast (lag times can be annoying - or worse, delay the search for what could be
life-saving material) 
   Have enough storage for cattery training videos (at least 32GB)
   Run Slack, Google Photos, Todoist, Trello, Calendar and Spotify (for the soothing cat music), amongst other things (a game for cats, for instance)
   Have a keyboard cover for quick and fast message sending, search and note-taking
   Be less than $700, tops (inclusive of accessories)

iPad Mini 2


Our hope is that with a good electronic device in the cattery, vollies can search for training videos and view them while in the cattery, even without mobile data. This will greatly improve the quality and consistency of the clinical care received by our chronically sick cats across ALL volunteers. It is also especially important as there might be medical emergencies requiring a vollie to provide immediate care to a cat, and having a training device readily available on hand could mean the difference between successfully versus sub-optimally carrying out the necessary interventions.

Note: Because this is one of our most expensive wishlist items to date, combined donations/sponsorships are more than welcome! We may also decide to top the amount up with our LKP operations funds (: Interested sponsors will be put in direct contact with our Operations Team Manager who will be doing the actual purchasing, refurbishing and set up of the device!

5. DIGITAL WALL CLOCK - Donation received (24/2/18)

Evidently most useful for telling the time (plus date, day and room temperature)! This would be lovely as we haven’t had a display clock since moving into Joo Chiat. It’s become the norm for vollies to shout out to each other asking for the time on phones, watches etc., especially whilst shovelling litter boxes or juggling the broom with the garbage bag with the paper towels.

The one we’re eyeing is just $14.07 on Lazada and can be purchased through this link:

Lazada digital wall clock

On a final note...

If you are pledging to give any of these items on our wishlist, do drop our Fundraising IC an SMS/Whatsapp message at 97701894. She will get in touch with you shortly and link you up with the necessary Team Managers for any logistically arrangments, as well as respond directly to your queries. 

P.S. Since the CNY festivities are upcoming, you may also be interested in checking out our blog post on safety precautions for your own kitties! Enjoy the short read here (:

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Important Announcement: Our DBS Ideal Bank Account Status

We were at DBS Bank at Parkway Parade today because we have a new committee term coming up — our date of incorporation as a Registered Society is on 26 Dec 2013 — and there will be a change of bank signatories as some committee members step down while others step up.

However we found out that DBS had closed our current account number 027-905975-3 on 18 Dec and cut us a cashier's order of our remaining balance of over $3K. Our last 2 donations were standing instructions of $50 each on 18 Dec, which we received email notifications of.

That said, the DBS teller tried her best to help us and we truly appreciate her assistance. Meanwhile, we are working towards getting a new bank account up and running but this will take between 5 and 8 working days. Please bear with us until that is ready to be announced.

For now, all funds transfer to and from our account — DBS current account 027-905975-3 — will no longer be active. For donors whose standing instructions to our DBS account that are actionable after the 18th of every month, we will not be able to receive your donation via our Love Kuching Project DBS account this month.

Cat angels who would like to make donations over Christmas, you can cut a crossed cheque out to Love Kuching Project and mail it to us: contact Elaine via SMS at 90880675 or email Deborah at to ask for our address. Or you can donate cat food and litter for our current kitties via Polypet.

Please rest assured that we will update everyone with our new account number on all our online social channels and website as soon as we have new bank account details, so that you may reinstate your monthly donations that help us pay our rental.

Donors whose mobile numbers are in our directory will be updated via SMS from Elaine, our president. In the meantime, all donors can contact Elaine via SMS or phonecall at 90880675 for further information. We sincerely regret all the inconvenience that this bank matter has caused all of you. Your support is important to us.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sharing Love, Sharing Knowledge

This article was originally written for The Mews and is republished with permission. 

On Sunday, 8 October 2017, close to 30 cat lovers from all over Singapore attended the first Love Kuching Project Masterclass session on feline emergency and first aid, wound care, injuries and trauma. This session was conducted by our Love Kuching Project (LKP) volunteers and veterinarian at The Garden Slug café. 

These cat lovers, some of whom had already signed up as fosterers under the newly launched Rescue Central, were keen to gain learn and share their own experiences with fellow cat caregivers. 

For eight years, LKP volunteers have been helping to care for chronically ill or injured community cats that do not need to be hospitalised but still need a lot of clinical care in an indoor environment. Our volunteers, particularly those in the Foster Care team, have been administering care to rescued community cats that require critical, intensive, long-term or palliative care, either to rehabilitate the cats before they return back to their communities, or allow them to live their last days in comfort.

Over the years, LKP has amassed a pool of knowledge in rehabilitation. We were approached by CWS to share our knowledge with fosterers in the Rescue Central initiative. This series of Masterclass sessions, which we have designed, feature theoretical veterinary knowledge and applications necessary in clinical foster care from a layperson standpoint, and discussions of clinical skills necessary in home care, and discussions on both veterinarian-recommended pharmacological treatments alongside simple home remedies LKP has used successfully over the years.

Dr Dawn Chong, a vet who has been working closely with LKP for several years, spoke about signs of a healthy cat before going into details about emergency and first aid for cats that would be useful for cat caregivers. Lifting up Splotch, one of our therapy cats, Dr Chong showed participants where and how to get the cat’s normal heart rate and pulse and watch for its breathing patterns. 

The important danger signs to watch for are weak or no pulse, laboured breathing, discolouration of mucous membranes and pain or masses when feeling a cat’s abdomen. Dr Chong also took participants through how to do cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when a kitty has lost consciousness, has no pulse or is not breathing. “Bring the cat to the vet immediately when this happens, and do CPR on the way in the cab,” she said. 

“Call the vet in advance and tell them the signs. The clinic can prepare for triage while you’re in the cab,” said Elaine Chiam, co-founder and President of Love Kuching Project.  “So when you get to the clinic, your cat can be rushed into the treatment room right away.” 

Elaine spoke on trauma injuries caused by vehicular and industrial machinery accidents, and falls from height. Sketching out a simple skeletal structure of a cat, she went on to discuss the different injuries and considerations for surgical and non-surgical treatments, how to manage splints if used for the injured cat, and follow-up treatments including acupuncture and physiotherapy.

Lydiana Ramli, manager of LKP’s Foster Care team, talked about different types of wounds, various treatments for these wounds and daily wound care routines. Taking questions from participants on what could be applied to wounded cats during the question and answer session, Lydiana warned that some common personal care products used on humans could be poisonous to cats. She showed items which LKP has in our cattery, including a stethoscope (“can buy from Mustafa!”), saline solution, gauze, and so on which can be purchased easily at local pharmacies.

Closing the Masterclass session were interactive questions and answers, and a hands-on experience with two therapy cats, Gizmo and Splotch, where participants could check the vital parameters taught during the training.

Next in the series of Love Kuching Project Masterclasses will be a class on infectious diseases and immunodeficiency, as well as many common illnesses in cats. Community cat caregivers, and cat lovers who want to learn how to foster rescued cats and kittens, please keep an eye out by following us on social media (see below for links!).

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cat Therapy

A senior lady lying in a bed while interacting with one of our cats.
"Feline therapy is a step further in sharing this love with those that need it most." -Elaine Chiam, President of Love Kuching Project

Article originally written for The Mews, cross-posted with permission.

The Love Kuching Project Outreach team conducts cat therapy sessions for seniors in nursing homes, students, as well as children and young adults with special needs.

Through activities such as grooming, patting, playing or simply by their presence, therapy cats provide relaxation, emotional comfort and assist in physical healing.

Seniors, for example, are encouraged to pick a toy and play with the cats or groom them so as to aid their mobility. Special needs students gain social skills during their interaction with the cats and our volunteers. 

It is scientifically proven that having cats as companion can elevate poor emotional moods. The calm natures of our therapy cats also help promote the love for cats in general, replacing that fear and misconception towards felines with acceptance. 

a senior is scratching the chin of one of the therapy cats.
It is scientifically proven that having cats as companion can elevate poor emotional moods.

We currently work together with these organizations - Ren Ci Nursing Homes (Moulmein & Bukit Batok), Thye Hua Kwan Home for the Disabled (Eunos), MINDS: Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore & Rainbow Centre (Margaret Drive)

“We first started developing our feline therapy programme in 2013, because we wanted a structured programme that was based on research,” says Elaine Chiam, President of Love Kuching Project. “We all already know about the love we have for and from the cats we have in our own lives, but building our therapy programme based on what cat behaviour research has already uncovered, made this programme a good fit for the VWOs that we reach out to. Feline therapy is a step further in sharing this love with those that need it most. As we minister this love to humans through therapy cats, we also educate in a way that hasn’t already been done. This way, we fill a need in the education work of Singapore’s cat welfare sector, sharing knowledge of cat behaviour, dispelling myths, and promoting adoption.”

If you would like to be part of this enriching team, please email us at

Two therapy cats are looking into the camera, one a tortoiseshell, and the other a brown tabby.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

#lovecatsgivelove by joining us as a volunteer!

"I needed something to call my own, I was dedicating too much time to just professional practice and school and needed something more personal to feel more fulfilled." Jialin, HR Volunteer and Foster Care Volunteer


All of us at LKP want you to join us in giving love back because we love cats - through becoming a volunteer with portfolio just like us! We have a volunteer family here that we feel really connected to and want to tell you all about it so you would consider taking that step just like we all did.

In this blog post, we will share with you: what we are looking for, the teams in which we are organised within LKP, the portfolios we take up and a simple description of them, and how you can apply to become a volunteer.

We also have an informal recruitment open house on Sunday 29 October at 4pm, before one of our volunteer parties, held at our place in Joo Chiat (yes, see kitties!) especially for those of you interested in joining us as a volunteer. We have never done this before, so yes it is a big step for us too. Because we are a small and closed-admission shelter, we only ever have visits from volunteers, as well as donors and rescuers if they make an appointment - we only have 390sq ft of space including the human bathroom!

We want those of you considering volunteering with us to come and take a look, get the big picture and the details, before committing to a relationship with us and the cats we love. Our boss Elaine, as well as a few other volunteers, will give you "the grand tour" and answer your questions, no matter how many. Afterwards, you are also invited to join us for our volunteer party at the rooftop at 6pm - meet the people you may be working alongside, feel the vibe, eat some free food. You can register your interest for the open house (and get our secret address) by sending an email - see info below.

(Note: this blog post is not a recruitment post for ad hoc volunteering - you can join us for that anytime you are able through filling in this form.)

What we are looking for in a volunteer

Someone who is:
  • Open to learning new stuff
  • Seeking personal growth and meaning through volunteering
  • Works well in teams
  • Cares about humans, too - not just cats
  • Able to commit to the schedule requirements (as per the portfolio you are applying for)
Yep, that's mostly it! Apart from some of the portfolios below that state required technical or professional skills and knowledge, what we really care about can really be distilled down to attitude and availability. We are willing to teach you all we know.

Our Teams and Portfolios

We are currently arranged into 8 teams and are recruiting for all of them. Each team may have more than one portfolio. The teams and portfolios are described below.

The Foster Care Team is primarily looking for Foster Care Volunteers to commit to a once-weekly shift at nights from Monday to Saturday and afternoons for Sundays, on a fixed day every week. There is also a day shift from Monday to Saturday, for administering medication. The day shift Foster Care Volunteers also: top up cat food if necessary, do basic cleaning of the cattery, and clear poop from litterboxes. Day shifts are weekly on at least one day from Monday to Saturday

Foster Care Volunteers are bread-and-butter of Love Kuching Project; they look after the sick or injured stray cats or kittens in the cattery by providing their clinical treatments and medications, nutrition and supplements, cleanliness needs of their cat suites and litterboxes. These skills and knowledge bases will require initial training sessions, and continual learning and development.

The Rescue Team follows up with the Rescue Requests that the public submits to us via our website, which feeds to the team's Slack channels. The processes for managing Rescue Requests are carried out on tech platforms such as Trello which, like Slack, is available both on mobile and desktop. 

Rescue Volunteers need to contact these rescuers as and when they can after viewing the Rescue Requests; the liaison work is done remotely during free times the volunteers are able. Liaison with the rescuers is for finding out more details about the cats, ascertain whether the cases are the kind we take in, and if not, advise the rescuers on other options. Sometimes the cats need to put on a waiting list first, but either way, Rescue Volunteers will assist in the admission process to our cattery, as well as the discharge if applicable, at times convenient for both the volunteer and the rescuer, such as after work hours or on weekends as and when needed. 

The team is also looking for ERF Volunteers: our Emergency Rescue Fund (ERF) is available for rescuers who cannot afford to pay for the vet fees, but are able to foster the stray cat in their own home after the vet visit, or there is someone available from our Foster Network. ERF Volunteers meet the rescuers at our partner vet - The Animal Clinic at Telok Kurau - and decide on the diagnostic tests and treatment options, as presented by the vet. You will need to be free during opening hours of the clinic: Mondays to Fridays morning till night, Saturday till 5pm, preferably also during some daytime slots in the week in case of emergency cases. You should have some basic understanding of veterinary care for cats, that will be necessary for deciding how to spend the donors' funds to yield the greatest benefit for the cat without any unnecessary costs that do not add value to the care of the cat.

"I want to do whatever I can to help as many cats as I can for as long as I can." Esther, Assistant Foster Care Manager (Admin)

The Outreach Team handles our animal-assisted activity i.e. cat therapy programme where we bring the love of cats to humans that need it. The team requires Outreach Volunteers who have schedules allowing free weekday timeslots for cat therapy sessions, as many VWOs and organisations often require our service during weekdays and not just weekends, where we already have support of ad hoc volunteers. The team also showcases the therapy cats during pet events that LKP gets invited to, and these are often on weekends. You need not have your own cat to be assessed for suitability for therapy, nor even have a cat at all (yet!) as you can assist in handling kittens awaiting adoption at our cattery - we need a minimum 1:1 ratio of humans to cats during therapy sessions.

We are also looking to expand the Outreach team next year by adding another programme that also involves using the love of cats to benefit humans. We don't have all the finer details yet, but it is about mentoring and facilitating service-learning in young people doing a volunteer attachment with LKP. You can either assist in helping to research and develop this new programme, administrating it with the partner organisations and the volunteers involved, or be one of the mentors - for which you should preferably have a weekday daytime slot available weekly. Enquire more about this through emailing Elaine at

The Operations Team, or soon to be renamed as the FLOAT team next year encompassing the following portfolios: Facilities Management, Legal, Operations, Accounting and Admin, and Tech.

Two of the portfolios are new:

Facilities Management Volunteers are required to be in charge of the maintenance of our cattery's general facilities (e.g. aircon, air purifier filters, plumbing, fridge, fish tank and so on) through scheduling or even doing hands-on servicing and repairs. You will need to be at the cattery when vendors/contractors you schedule maintainence work for are on site, as well as for the ad hoc repair work. You should be pretty handy with maintaining indoor residential facilities and appliances.

The Legal portfolio is not about pro bono legal services, but you should know how to research statutes online and draft up simple agreements. We need this portfolio because we are ramping up our corporate governance in preparation for moving from registered society to registered charity status in 2019. This work is mostly remote, with some team meetings scheduled based on team members' availability.

Existing portfolios the team is recruiting for:

Accounting Volunteers, who need basic knowledge of financial statements such as income and expenditure. Familiarity with IRAS regulations on registered societies and charities will be a plus. You will be using the accounting software Xero. The work is a combination of remote work and work from the cattery where the files are.

Admin Volunteers are people who deal with filing, paperwork - both actual and virtual paper, processes that keep us "business-as-usual" You may also need to help input data to help the Accounting Volunteers as well as assist in administration of operational processes with the Tech Volunteers. This as well as the filing work requires time spent at the cattery once every 2 weeks at a time and day you are able to make it.

Tech Volunteers, for helping us move completely onto tech platforms, beyond just email and Slack assistance. This is to improve productivity in every team and among teams. This enables volunteers to do their job more easily, with less frustration but greater result, especially since time is extra-scarce for a volunteer-workforce. This work is mostly remote, with some team meetings scheduled according to every attendees' convenience.

The HR Team (that's us putting up this blog post!) is named "Human Resources" instead of "Volunteer Management" which is more commonly used in voluntary organisations, because we value the humans in LKP as much as the cats we serve, and see them as more than just volunteers - they are family to us. The HR team's purpose is to build and protect our LKP family culture, because it is unique and special for us. HR Volunteers take care of recruitment of volunteers, and integration of new volunteers; performance management to help volunteers know what they are doing well, very well, or need to improve in; learning and development administration support for all the teams; and care for the humans in LKP through organising events for the volunteers, giving volunteers appreciation gifts, encouraging self-care and care for one another through our #volliecare Slack channel and soon to come, a newsletter. We are looking for people with all kinds of strengths and skills, but the priority is that you have to love cat lovers as much as you love cats. Work is mostly done remotely, with occasional team meetings that are scheduled according to the team members' availability. We also have a nice boss, by the way...

"The vibe is different here... people are engaged, involved... open, relatable, fun and not intimidating."  Joh Ju, Events Manager

The Events Management Team plans, manages and carries out all external events in our calendar. These events include those that are solely planned by LKP, e.g. Tea With Cats at the cattery; pet events that we get invited to, where we have a booth to showcase our therapy cats and do some fundraising; also events in which we collaborate with other organisations. The Events Management Volunteer in charge of a specific event in the calendar needs to anchor the conceptualisation of the event theme and programme and plan for all aspects of the event, such that the other team members know how to assist the lead volunteer. Other aspects include: liaison with vendors and sourcing for corporate sponsors if applicable, coordinating with Marketing for the social media campaign for the event, preparing the logistics necessary. You also need to take charge of the transport of logistics to and from the event location if it is not held at LKP, ensure venue set up and be the point person for liaison with vendors, external organisers and other partners, and with LKP volunteers who may be helping out during the event itself. These events are normally held during weekends. You should have some experience with events management, either through your work or in your previous volunteering and CCA experiences.

We are also looking for a team manager for the EM team, as our current moves to a different portfolio next year. This is our first time recruiting for a managerial portfolio externally. You will be expected to perform the job of an Events Manager Volunteer in part, as well as be in charge of team management. All the volunteer managers are part of our Vanguard team, which is the support network and platform for leadership development. Vanguard meetings take place on the first Saturday of every month

The Fundraising Team handles the posting of fundraising appeals online, engagement with donors (saying "Thank you cat angel!") and is the liaison for merchandise partners that wish to donate to us. These are our three main income streams that we have developed alongside the LKP brand, with online appeals yielding the highest return. We want to scale up our efforts in these three areas, but it depends on how many Fundraising Volunteers we have, as the work is fundamentally people-centred. You will need to do writing of online appeals to post via blog and social media, manage fundraising campaigns, write and send out thank you emails, texts, and cards to our donors alongside their receipt (not tax-deductible) if they request it, as well as acknowledge receipt of their gifts. For merchandise partnerships, you will have to assist in reposting the merchants' campaigns for us onto our own social media channels. The work is mostly remote.

The Marketing Team
 has two portfolios: Content Creation, and Multimedia Production, and the team serves to manage the LKP brand. Content Creation Volunteers do so by writing blog, web and social media stories, and are also involved in engagement with our existing online audience, and in growing this audience. You need to be good at writing, and work is a combination of remote work as well as attending events and programmes for 'live' social media reporting. Multimedia Production Volunteers need to be proficient in one of the following mediums: design for both print and web, videography, and photography. You will be required to create works for various campaigns, which is a also a combination of both remote work and attendance at events, programmes or being at the cattery. For both portfolios, as Marketing Volunteers you will be from time to time designated as Campaign Manager for various projects and events both within the team and in collaboration with other teams. 

Just one more: this portfolio is not tagged to any team, but to 
Division-level Management  (but these senior bosses are still volunteers just like the rest of LKP). It is the Executive Assistant portfolio, and we are looking for one or hopefully two more. (Our first Executive Assitant is now a manager of the Rescue Team, partly due to the direct coaching that will take place through spending a lot of time working closely with the big boss.) One Executive Assistant will be assisting the next head of the Executive Division (which comprises of HR, Events Management, Fundraising and Marketing teams) with effect from next year. The second Executive Assistant would be supporting the head of the Operations Division (Foster Care, Rescue, Outreach and FLOAT teams) next year, who is also the president and boss of the bosses, adding up her number of Executive Assistant to two if you are the right one! This role is tricky as it has a fast paced learning curve, and you will often be juggling many tasks at a time. 

One of the responsibilities will be to act as communication liaison: to be the point of contact between the division managers, team managers, and volunteers and manage information flow. You will also have to help manage the bosses’ schedules and arrange team meetings or individual sessions on their behalf. When they are unavailable, the Executive Assistant represents the Division Managers in a gatekeeper role, creating win-win situations for volunteers and managers, providing direct access to the Division Managers' limited time. 

Another is to be the supporting role in inter-team and project teams that the Division Managers will be involved in, by managing important information for and from these teams, researching and organising the information to help in decision-making and strategic direction. You will need to handle matters expeditiously and proactively, and follow-through on projects to successful completion, often with deadline pressures. 

You are required to be good at administrative skills in order to execute tasks for the senior bosses, which tend to involve many variables. For the portfolio of Executive Assistant tagged to the LKP President, you will need to work alongside the existing Executive Assistant, which may require some meetings, otherwise there will usually be just meetings with your direct boss and meetings, events or programmes your direct boss is involved in. These will usually be outside of normal working hours as all would be also volunteer like you. There will be occasional meetings with external organisations that may occur during weekday daytime, though you will not be obliged to attend them if school/work clashes. All other work is remote

"I am very happy where I am with my boss, the LKP volunteers I have met, and the cats." Deborah, Executive Assistant to Elaine, President


To apply for any one or more of the above portfolios, write an email to our President at with the following information:

  • Self-intro: Are you working, or studying, or both? What is your area of work/study? Do you have experience with pets or volunteering, and how were those experiences? Tell us all about who you are, we want to know you!
  • Strengths: What are you good at? These can be both technical or professional skills or innate strengths that may or may not seem related to the portfolio you are applying for. We believe that everyone has their own unique combination of strengths. Describe them to us.
  • Interests: Which portfolio/s are you interested in? And tell us why, too. Apart from the LKP portfolios described above, tell us about other things that interest you too. These may be what you are interested in learning, or area you wish to grow in personally or professionally, or simply your hobbies.
  • Passions: Why volunteering, why LKP, and why now? What drives you? What do you believe in? How does LKP's work relate to your own personal beliefs? What are your personal thoughts regarding animal welfare and social causes? In LKP, we believe that the portfolio you take on, whether it exists already or needs to be created for you, should be something you are deeply passionate about doing.
  • Schedule/availability: Are you able to commit to volunteering in the portfolio you are interested in, in terms of your time? We do not want your volunteer work to overshadow your health and your family and loved ones, but LKP commitment comes closely below those priorities.
  • Portfolio-specific requirements (if any), that you fulfill.
After the initial email conversation, you may be required to do an online video chat via Google Hangouts/Skype.

If you wish to come for this Sunday's recruitment open house, indicate your interest in the email too!

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