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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I is has new home!

Sweetie-boy has been adopted by Gilbert and family from Simei!

 Apart from the adoption fee, they also gave a generous donation towards our Love Kuching account. Thank you cat-angels and for giving Sweets a forever home!

Friday, November 26, 2010

We cuties be ready for adopt!

Ivory, Sepia and Ebony are now a-ok recovered from diarrhoea and flu'!

Abyss, the healthiest one amongst them, was adopted by Chris last Friday who followed up on Abyss's veterinary care through their vet in Ang Mo Kio.

Meanwhile, Sepia and her brothers stayed with us to continue their recovery. They finished a course of Clavulox antibiotics but their diarrhoea persisted even while Ebony's flu' recovered. They were also on probiotics daily and anti-diarrhoeal medicine such as Loperamide and Kaolin. Then I put them on a herbal detox meal supplemented with Burdock, Dandelion and Kelp and so far it seems that has cleared up their diarrhoea at last! So they won't be needing another round of antibiotics or further medication.

All three of them are active, vocal and love to run around and play. Ebony is the quietest and most obedient of them all.

Sepia, the only girl among them, is actually the biggest of the family. She is an ivory coloured ticked tabby with a mid length tail.She has mackeral stripes on the inner sides of her forelegs, like a Singapura ticked tabby.

Ivory is like his sister, only slightly smaller in size and with a long tail. Also an ivory coloured ticked tabby with mackeral stripes on the inner sides of his forelegs. He also has white paw socks.

Ebony is a black and silver ticked tabby also with a long tail. He enjoys lounging in the basket on the 3rd level of their pen.

They are now about 7 going on 8 weeks, have been dewormed and litter trained.

To visit and adopt them, see right side bar for information on adoption (or click here) - please read through our Adopters' Questionnaire and Adoption Agreement. Contact us with the answers to the questionnaire and we can arrange for you and your family to come visit them at our foster home in Ubi!

Appeal for Adopters for Ginger, Winnie and Tabby, abandoned kittens

We received an email from Ningxin of NUS Cat Cafe regarding some kittens abandoned outside her home. She has nursed them and rehabilitated them back to health and is looking for adopters for the 3 little kittens who are now 5 weeks old.

Hi Elaine

These kittens were abandoned and passed to me on 10 November and I've been taking care of them since. They are estimated to be 2-3 weeks old then. All three had flu' previously and had just finished their 10-day course of antibiotic. They're due for vet review tomorrow. I have dogs at home as well and they've been hanging out pretty well with them.


Colour: tabby and white
Gender: female
Personality: not as curious as the other two, prefers to hide in her box when given a chance to, quietest as well.


Colour: ginger
Gender: male
Personality: loves to explore around, initiates most of the playing


Colour: Tabby
Gender: female
Personality: likes to walk around as well, but prefer to sniff and lick as well. she's the in-between of Winnie and Gingy.

To adopt these kittens, contact Ningxin directly at 97299323 or nxhuang@hotmail.com

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Abandoned at Marsiling Drive

A stray cat caregiver, Ena, before her daily feeding rounds on Sunday night, found a shoe box with 3 kittens in a void deck. She was distraught because all of her strays are neutered and she did not know who the mother cat was, in a bid to try and reunite the kittens with their mother to prevent orphanhood. Alas, it is likely that the shoebox kittens were dumped from a house with an unneutered female cat. This was close to midnight and Ena called us to see if we could foster.

(We had the space for the newborn orphans because Billie just passed away the same day from hookworms; she did not survive the deworming process despite topping her blood sugar level with glucose. Hookworms are blood-sucking intestinal parasites.)

Ally, Emmy and Nelly are about 5 days old, no signs of illness as of yet, and when discovered were still warm, clean and full. Very newly abandoned and Ena's vigilance in rescuing them was swift enough. The kittens are now in our foster home and so far still doing okay on 2-4 hourly bottle feeding rounds. They are on KMR milk and colostrum supplements.

Ally is most likely a girl, Emmy a boy, whereas Nelly is quite difficult to sex accurately. We will be trying our best to bring these kittens to maturity. Meanwhile, it will be a close watch on them with round the clock feedings.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adopt an Intraverted Kitten

Dusky has been with us since 20 August this year. She has been finding it hard to get adopted because she is an initially reserved kitten, who only warms up to certain people, and given time.

Orion is her current best friend, who was rescued on 7 September. Like Dusky, he is an independent boy who is affectionate when he gets to know someone, and not before.

Because both of them are not the outwardly extraverted kittens, they get passed over for adoption as adopters choose those cats who bond with them on the first visit.

We need to find Dusky and Orion homes soon. Both kittens will be going for their sterilisation operations at Clinic for Pets today at 10 am and will remain in our house for the next 2 weeks as their surgical wounds recover. During this time, we hope to give it a last try to get these two best friends adopted singly or together. Failing which, we will be releasing them as stray cats in Ubi together through a gradual 'relocation' process, introducing them to the feeder as well as allowing them to eat at the feeding station outside our foster home. This is for us to free up resources to allow more needy rescues to come into our foster home. As in old folks' homes, people need to go before beds can be freed up for newcomers.

Adopting an intraverted cat means looking past the initial shyness and reserved side and seeing a gentle soul within. An intraverted cat will take some time to warm up to a human, and allowing him or her to come to you at its own will is the way to get an intraverted cat to become part of your family. We have had adopters who adopted intraverted cats before, and these cats eventually became very affectionate and loving cats at their new homes. It does of course means you bring home a cat that is not initially fawning over you or rushing to go home with you. In reality it means bringing a somewhat frightened looking thing home, and leaving him or her alone to acclimatise to your home before the purring-machines emerge.

Both Dusky and Orion are like that. While they are content to be on their own, playing among the foster cats or chilling out by themselves, they also have times in their days where they will simply come to us, purr and look for affection. Dusky likes to be stroked hard, Orion likes to sniff and kiss us and rub against us.

Having an intraverted, independent kitten also means that you will find a more obedient cat, as extraverted kittens do tend to be more naughty. Introverts listen to house rules more, and get themselves out of trouble. Extraverted cats tend to knock into things or get into places they shouldn't and are more likely to get into accidents within the home, or take a while before listening to house rules.

Intraverted cats are also very suitable for the busy person who wants to come home and chill out rather than have a boisterous needy cat that wants to play batting games or fetch. They are also more likely to leave you alone while you eat your dinner instead of wanting to tuck into your food at the table together with you (not a good idea since much of table scraps is not healthy for cats!). Dusky and Orion never ever try to snatch at or climb the table when we are having our human dinners. They are more likely to sit at the chair adjacent to us and lounge while you eat your dinner.

If you or someone you know is currently considering adoption, do think of Dusky and Orion. They have 2 weeks left with us.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Adopt - Sweets the white and tabby long-tailed kitten

Sweets is totally recovered from the food poisoning that he had when was first rescued. Initially, Faith, Sweets' rescuer, thought she was a girl but he is a boy, which accounts for the boisterous play times that Sweets the kitten really enjoys.

Sweets is not only an alert, curious, playful and mischievous kitten, he is also affectionate, enjoys lap time and purring next to you. He is now spending time with the other free-roaming kittens, Dusky, Orion and Pony and gets along well with them. He also enjoys playing with our youngest cat Sealy, who is about the same age.

Sweets is 9 weeks old, is white and tabby bicoloured, has a long skinny tail and big round eyes. He has been dewormed and is now eating Taste of the Wild dry food and Addiction Brushtail canned food fortified with lysine, vitamin Bs, colostrum and probiotics. If you would like to adopt him please read our right side bar on our Adoption Fees, Adoption Agreement and Adopters' Questionnaire and contact us.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ivory, Sepia, Abyss & Ebony, abandoned kittens from Bukit Panjang

One of our volunteers and supporters, Edmond, found 4 kittens last night near his house. They were likely abandoned in a box as one of them was sitting in it when Edmond found them. They were hungry and very sick.

Today Edmond contacted us if we could foster the kittens. Sweetie is now completely recovered and gets along with the rest of the foster kittens Orion, Dusky and Pony. Edmond told us the kittens were about 6 weeks old, so we got Sweetie to free-roam the house and used the pen for the 4 kittens Edmond rescued.

Of the 4 kittens, Ivory and Sepia (ticked tabby kittens) are having bad diarrhoea and teary eyes. Abyss, a white and ticked tabby, seems to be fine but also has a bit of teary eyes. Ebony, a black and silver ticked tabby, is having very bad conjunctivitis. We asked our vet which broad-spectrum antibiotic to use which could work for both diarrhoea and flu' - the solution was Clavulox. We also gave them loperamide, and dewormed them, especially since we saw bloody poo and vomit. Their eyes also need medication and cleaning and we are applying them with Terramycin. They have been fed with probiotics, colostrum and Lysinium Max supplements this afternoon too. This here is Ivory -

who has markings very similar to the Singapura breed cat - agouti ticked tabby with mackeral stripes on the inside of the forelegs instead of outside.

Their behinds are constantly soiled from the diarrhoea and hard to determine who is male or female but we will be able to sex them accurately soon. In the meantime we hope for their recovery as we rehabilitate them.

Sapporo got adopted today!

Sapporo is now the proud new cat of the Yutaka family from Jurong.

They have already cat-proofed their house, bought all Sapporo's essentials and will be taking him to the vet soon. They will also be taking him for his sterilisation operation in 2 weeks' time.

We are so happy for Sapporo's new family!

Friday, November 12, 2010


This sweet kitten was brought to us by Bee, a feeder in the Tanjong Katong area. Bee lives in Katong, and on her way home found a box at the bus stop with Billie alone in it, mewing away and having conjunctivitis in one eye. It was past 11pm and she called us as she didn't know who else to turn to for help with this kitten. Bee brought Billie over to our foster home.
Billie's right eye was covered in pus and we had to use moistened swabs to clear out the discharge and let her eye breathe. We then applied Terramycin eye ointment. Billie's eye is now much better than it was last night.

Billie is about just under or at 3 weeks old and is not able to eat on her own yet. She is being bottle-fed, with a couple of drops of Lysinium Max and colostrum to combat her flu'. She drinks quite well, and has a loud voice that she hollers with whenever she is awake. She is currently quarantined in a pen of her own with a towel over it, a hot water bottle and blanket to accompany her. She also seems to be keen on learning to use the litter box already.

We aren't too sure if Billie is really a girl or actually a boy, and we will confirm it when it is easier to sex the kitten. For now, we hope that young Billie pulls through the loss of her mother's milk and her flu'.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We received a call yesterday from Sonny's family from Bukit Panjang regarding their neighbour's cat. Their neighbour, a French expatriate, was leaving Singapore for good, and leaving his 7 month old Bengal cat behind, effectively abandoning his cat.

Not only was Pedro unhappy with being abandoned, he knew it intuitively and started showing signs of stress. He developed cat acne under his chin, and a raw bald patch on his tail from over grooming. Bengals, like dogs, know when they are being abandoned. He also hates other cats and would need some socialisation and training before he would make a good house cat again.

Sonny brought Pedro to us and we have placed Pedro in The Suite. We have showered and deflea-ed him, and he also has started eating again - for the days Sonny's brother-in-law fostered Pedro, he had been too stressed to eat. We have also cleaned his skin problem areas with peroxide and applied Bactroban to them to prevent inflammation. He also has a bald patch on his back, around his scruff, but we can't apply meds there since we have to hold him by the scruff to apply the meds on him - Pedro is quite feral, hates physical contact, and other cats.

But Pedro loves to play, and he loves children. My student brought her friends over to visit and he had a ball of a time playing with them.

We spend a lot of time talking to Pedro, getting him used to us, letting him feel safe around other cats by giving him a pen with a second level to hide under, and slowly get him used to being handled. We also added Rescue Remedy to his water and diffuse some lavender essential oil for him so he can calm down and de-stress. He succumbs when held by the scruff for grooming and applying of medication, but doesn't like to be carried. He occasionally allows himself to be stroked, and likes to talk as most Bengals do. He is likely an F3 Bengal, which means he can be litter-trained.

We are glad he has responded so far by eating some, playing, and sometimes being stroked. His socialisation and training will take some time, as will his skin problem areas to heal. When he is ready, he will be available for adoption.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Helga's remaining CRF supplies

We would like to put for sale the CRF supplies that Helga has left behind with us.

We are pricing the sale prices of these items at below the costs that you would pay at the vet, so do consider buying from us. The funds collected from the sale of these items will go back to our Veterinary Fund to help other foster cats in need of veterinary care.

If you have a cat with CRF, or know someone who does, we would very much like your support so we can recoup some of the donated funds used in the purchase of these supplies. You can also consider buying them from us to give to catteries nursing CRF cats such as Kittycare Haven. Do also help us spread the word on these items for sale.

All items are self-collect only and to purchase them please contact Elaine at elaine@lovekuchingproject.org or 90880675.

Royal Canin Renal - dry food - 2kg
1 unopened bag available
1 bag already opened (sealed) about 2/3 remaining will be given free with purchase
Original Price: $42.80 per bag
Our Price: $35

Royal Canin Renal - pouch food
Original Price: $38.55 for 1 box of 12
3 unopened boxes available
5 unopened loose pouches available
Our Prices:
1 pouch $2.90
1 box of 12 $34.65

Hills k/d canned food
20 unopened cans available
Original Price: $4
Our Price: $3.80

Sub-cutaneous fluids set
Comes with 1 bag 0.9% saline, 1 infusion set, 4 pieces 18g x 1 1/2 inch needles per set
2 sets available
Vet price: $13.55
Our price: $10

Azodyl - renal specific probiotics supplement
1 opened bottle available with 1 tablet used, kept sealed in refrigerator
Original price: $117.80
Our price: $80
Comes with 1 strip of free Fortekor tablets


Yesterday, we received a call from Anwar, Faith and Sarah who wanted to rescue a kitten from their neighbourhood in Bedok.

Faith and Sarah have a neighbour whose kid likes to bring home stray kittens from elsewhere, separating them from their mothers and their familiar territory, and placing the kittens outside their house, a first floor HDB flat. While the intention seems genuine, their care for these kittens is rather negligent; they feed the young kittens table scraps consisting of things like curry and cake. Sweetie was one such victim, brought to this neighbour's house when she was about 6 weeks old. Eventually, being fed things unsuitable for a kitten, she fell ill with an upset stomach. Faith, Sarah and Anwar rescued her and brought her to the vet.

She likely has a bacterial infection from eating the wrong things, and had developed the demeanour of a sick cat - grouchy, unwilling to be touched, unresponsive. But she is already on the mend, and Dr Loh has prescribed her Baytril antibiotics and dewormed her.

Sweetie is now staying in our foster home. Not only did Sweetie's three rescuers sponsor her vet visit they have also contributed financially to her boarding expenses with us - thank you. We also thank Faith, Sarah and Anwar for not only being vigilant on the ground for stray kittens in need, but also making the effort to bring her to the vet and find her a fosterer.

Sweetie is 8 weeks old, female, white and tabby bicoloured with a long tail and round eyes. She is currently still on antibiotics and she has already improved in her appetite and demeanour. She will be available for adoption once she has recovered, so do watch our Adoption Alert on the right for her picture when she is ready to go to a new home!

Pony, abandoned kitten

Pony is about 3 months old, found abandoned at Guillemard 2 days ago. The caregiver there, Liyin, discovered him abandoned and brought him to us. We ascertained that Pony was indeed an ex house cat because he gets along well with everyone, is very tame, and seems to know his way around an indoor environment. Hence we decided to take him in as he would not have likely grown up on the streets and thus be less street-wise.

Pony's breed is Oriental Longhair, meaning he is cross-Persian. He has a short tail that because of his long fur makes it look like a pony-tail, hence his name. He has Oriental bone structure, with single coated long fur most prominent on his back and tail. He has copper eyes.

He is extremely sweet-natured, has the personality of a longhaired cat indeed - ragdoll-like, quiet, can be cuddled any which way. I woke up to find him sleeping next to me, which was so sweet.

He will be dewormed today. He is healthy and can be rehomed immediately, hence he is now available for adoption. If you are keen on visiting and adopting Pony, here's how.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Paper - "Animal lovers get perks to adopt pets" by Rachel Chan

A new initiative - the Companion Care Card that we at Love Kuching are in favour of, will help to promote pet adoption in our country.

Final round of neutering at Blk 15 Upper Boon Keng!

CWS Logoļ¼Link to us!

Out of the 10 cats that had remained after the 17 we have neutered last month and 8 in March, we managed to trap 9 cats successfully. The number 10 guy that eluded us -

This wily boy is really sneaky! He kept eating the minuscule bits of food just outside the traps, never entering to apply pressure that would have closed the trap doors. When we wanted to net him, he decided to take a walk in the bushes nearby. So he remains the only one in this area not neutered save for the kittens.

We had a few tries at rescuing Sealy's siblings but they eluded us too. So the feeder Lia will let us know if she can get them to come out from behind the fence tomorrow night - there is 1 calico and 2 tabbies, all Oriental breed description wise. They are the only young kittens that remain in the vicinity that are under 2 months old. Kittens above 2 months of age will no longer need rescue as much.

We were at first worried the rain would dampen our plans tonight, but there were cats out in the drizzle, waiting for their feeder, and eating food scraps on the floor possibly thrown as killer litter off the block.

We had to gather the cats to the sheltered area in the void deck to feed those already sterilised and to set up traps for those not sporting a tipped ear. Like this handsome guy here -

Thankfully the cats were familiar with the void deck and were keen on being sheltered from the rain too. So we weren't entirely drenched in the process.

Here are the mug shots of the 9 cats. 7 of them are black and 2 of them tabby. Black cats rule! Although they all looked almost alike to us save for distinguishing features like their tail lengths and kinks.

The cats will be going for their sterilisation operations Monday and be released back Tuesday. Hurray for 34 out of 35 cats neutered in this colony! Thank you all for the support!