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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Play/clean volunteering + announcement RE: next week's volunteering

Every Saturday from 5pm to 9pm we are open for you to visit us to help clean the foster space and spend time with the cats - we call this play/clean volunteering! We hope to open up for a play/clean on a weekday evening when we have found our second Foster Care Volunteer.
To join us for play/clean on Saturdays (otherwise known as Caturdays!), email us during the week of the Saturday you wish to come. You can come anytime between 5pm to 9pm, before or after dinner. We do not need a huge group of helpers every week as it will become a squeezy affair for everyone if there are lots of volunteers (small home!) So we shall limit each play/clean volunteering session to about 3 persons. After you have SMSed Elaine to confirm attendance and time you will be given our address. No experience needed just a great attitude and be willing to get dirty with the cleaning and wiping and mopping! Riley and/or Elaine will be around to show you what and how.
Please take note that next Saturday 27 May there will be NO PLAY/CLEAN VOLUNTEERING SESSION. Andy and Elaine will be taking a cycling trip to Malaysia. So, from the week next!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Foster Care Volunteer no.2 needed!

At Love Kuching we give our long-term volunteers a portfolio that suits humans' individual interests, strengths, career paths, and schedule requirements, and we are now hoping to fill a second portfolio of foster care. Currently our one Foster Care Volunteer is Riley who comes by on Saturday evenings. We know some of you applied for the post after Riley did but we were only recruiting one at the time. The time has finally come when we need a second one! If you contacted us about volunteering in foster care previously, we more than welcome you to see if this second position will suit you.

What is to be expected of Foster Care Volunteer no. 2: a long term commitment of one weekday evening per week at our foster home. This day can either be fixed on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, this is up to your convenience (but should be the same day every week).

You should enjoy interacting with the cats, even the grumpy ones. You should be willing to get self messy with cleaning and washing. There may be others who will occasionally want to come and help, so you should eventually be able to work with our ad hoc play/clean volunteers.

You do not need to know how to groom or medicate cats, we will teach you! This also means you will get to learn some basic veterinary type of care as well as supplements and effective alternative remedies.

There will be a fair amount of cleaning work: washing litterboxes, cleaning cages, vacuuming and mopping and wiping down furniture in the foster space, washing blankets and toys and cat bowls. We can provide you with gloves, apron and face mask if you need them.

How important this volunteer portfolio is to us:

Now that the foster space can accomodate many more cats than before, cleanliness is paramount to prevent contagion and to eliminate odour. Apart from Riley and the play/clean volunteers on Saturdays, Andy does all the litterboxes and cleaning, and Elaine does all the medications and remedies. Having 2 out of 7 days a week to ease the burden means the world in elevating care standards and reducing volunteer burnout.

We need you. Are you the one? Reach out to Elaine to find out, at elaine@lovekuchingproject.org