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Monday, September 29, 2014

TNR project this week: at a back alley off Bendemeer - we will need your help

| Behind a coffeeshop |
Colony of unsterilised cats
About 12 cats have been residing at this location near Bendemeer, behind a back alley of a corner coffeeshop open at night. There are feeders, but they cannot raise enough money on their own to sterilise the entire colony of cats, and have enough only to feed them nightly. We did a reconnaissance of the area one late night with the feeder to do a cat count and scope the area. We will be going down to trap the cats here over two trips to get the entire colony sterilised and thus keep their population from burgeoning and causing complaints.

Our first trapping will take place this Wednesday night, 1 October.

Tabby under a car
Skittish black cat coming out to eat
Another black one
A handsome tabbe
One of the friendlier cats
Why we need your help for this project: 
We have 20 free sterilisation slots per month for stray cats that have been given to us by Cat Welfare Society - however - these are for residential stray cats, meaning they have to be microchipped with an HDB block number, a caregiver name and IC number. This Bendemeer back alley cat colony does not fall under this scheme, known as SCSP. Read more about the various sterilisation schemes from Cat Welfare Society, here.

To sterilise a male stray cat, it costs about $35, and a female varies from $45-65. This is excluding trapping and transport fees we have to pay our vendor, as well as the pre- and post-op boarding the cats need. If you can give to help offset our cost of this TNR project, we will be most grateful. You make a gift by depositing to our DBS current account 027-905975-3 and thereafter email us to indicate that you have given to the Sterilisation Fund.

If you cannot give, do share this project with your social circle so we can get as much help as needed to get these cats snipped, healthier and happier!

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card   
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cat Care Talk • 27 Sept, Saturday, 4pm to 6pm

We are finally able to launch our first ever inhouse cat care talk! Took us a lot of planning, getting over scheduling humps and finding the time to labour on designing this event specially for you.

Learn an overview about cat behaviour, use of supplements and essential oils, and feline health. The talk will be conducted by our President, Elaine, and will be participant-led - you ask the questions for the discussion on the given topics.

Event details:

Where: Function Room at Terra Vue, 42 St Patrick's Road
 When: 27th September 2014, Saturday, 4pm to 6pm
Cost per particpant:$18.50

What you will get:

A goody bag containing: holistic supplement samples worth $36, pet supplies from Pawfection, cat-themed accessory from Alfie De Meow, cat-themed phone accessory from Dulcetfig, discount vouchers from Goood Pet Collars, Alfie De Meow and from Furry Photos. Light refreshment will be provided from Dough Empire.

How to sign up:

Make payment to our bank account DBS current 027-905975-3 and note the transaction reference number. 
Go to our registration link to submit your name and details so we can verify payment.
Do it fast because the goody bags are limited to the first 20 sign ups only!

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection      
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Naughty from Admiralty: His story and his road to recovery

| Naughty when he first arrived at Love Kuching |
Naughty is a cat diagnosed with megacolon, which causes chronic constipation. His rescuer, whose mother is his stray cat caregiver, noticed him straining to poop and brought him to the vet. Thereafter, he had to return a number of times to do faecal evacuation, a costly procedure where he has to be sedated for poop to be manually removed from his system. He needed daily medication and a special diet, but it did not help much. He was also found to be FIV positive.

He arrived at our foster home on 29 August, and we started to research into his condition, and brought him to the vet the following Monday. After discussing with the vet based on our research, we decided that he needed more than what he was previously given as clinical treatment: he was only given Lactulose and bulk-forming fibre supplements. We put him on Cisapride, and that day itself checked him in for faecal evacuation because he was constipated yet again.

Main medications for megacolon treatment
We also discussed surgery, as it would be the best treatment for him eventually, so that he would not have to be on lifetime medication, and perpetually go in for faecal evacuation. Because he is not showing any signs yet of his FIV, outlook on healing from surgery is good, and if necessary, we can give him FIV medications post surgery to help him heal better.

Partial removal of his colon is best route
We have booked for him a surgery date and in the meantime, his treatment is not easy. Firstly because his condition is really severe. Secondly, he doesn't take well to all the treatments. He eats his medicine and supplements in food, but is not easy to administer enemas to because he is a strong cat that becomes very aggressive when he is unhappy.

We have also done a few other things: changed his diet to wet food, as that will help form bulk for gut motility. Also, we will be adding pumpkin to his food as that will ease constipation, and procure Metamucil for him as well (something like Fibrogel). We have ordered the special veterinary canned diet for gastro-intestinal problems and depending on cost, Naughty's preference and which works better, we will decide on the canned food option for him. He is currently on Wellness CORE fish as he does not like Addiction Brushtail, our economic choice of canned food. His supplements are mainly slippery elm bark, probiotics, and olive oil. We have also started (with much effort) administering enemas to him to soften his stool even further. The fewer times he has to go to the vet for faecal evacuation before his surgery, the better.

Dietary requirements of cats with megacolon

Our Veterinary Fund is currently at -$339.88 as of end of day 31 Aug 2014. We will need more funds to sustain our care for Naughty in the meantime before his surgery, and his surgery itself will also be costly. If you can give, please help by depositing to our DBS corporate account 027-905975-3 and email us to indicate you have given to the Veterinary Fund.

We will update more on Naughty on our social media platforms, fb.com/luvkuching and @luvkuching on Twitter and Instagram. Follow us there to get involved in Naughty's road to recovery.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection      
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