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Sunday, February 28, 2010

ordering from doggyfriend

The only online delivery place that sells one of our favourite brands, Taste of the Wild, and one that we haven't yet tried the service of, is Doggyfriend.So first step, ordering. The interface for placing orders is simple, and it even allows Paypal apart from direct-credit to their account and of course cash on delivery.

The delivery is not as flexible as our favourite online store Pets Gourmet, because it is not an immediate next-day delivery. Their delivery schedule is split into zones, for example, if we order before Monday 11am, delivery to our zone (east, north-east) is same-day, but not if you order on say Tuesday.

Next step will be evaluating their actual delivery and so on. More food for our cats soon - supply almost at zero!

Edit: Pets Gourmet actually does sell Taste of the Wild, a brand we strongly recommend. It was out of stock for a while at Pets Gourmet but they are back in stock, in both available sizes of 5lbs and 15lbs.

adopted! - button

This is Button's new family! We are happy for Button girl. Her family gave a $40 donation on top of the $60 adoption fee! Thank you cat-angels!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Button, Mushroom, Caramel and Charcoal

Auntie Rose found 4 abandoned kittens in Zone 2 today, with a really skinny mother cat. The kittens are old enough to no longer need their mother's milk, about 8 weeks old, and are already able to eat and drink on their own.

Three of them are tortoiseshell tabbies, also known as torbies, and are female. One is lighter in colouring than the others. The fourth kitten is a male, silver tabby. The boy is called Charcoal, the lighter torbie Caramel, the other torbie sisters called Button and Mushroom. They are likely to have Persian genes, possibly British Shorthair or similar breeds that have Persian outcrosses in them.

From left: Button, Mushroom, Caramel

Caramel, the lighter torbie gal

Charcoal boy

Andy and I are fostering them, together with Phoebe, for this weekend so as to alleviate the boarding situation at Angels. They will be available for adoption and viewing from Monday 1st March at Angels, after we have rehabilitated and groomed them.

Update: Showered, groomed and cleaned the kittens today! They really need lots of conditioner to keep their fluffy fur well-glossed. Trimmed their nails and cleaned their ears too.

Update: Charcoal has been adopted. Button also has been adopted. Caramel and Mushroom are now boarding at Angels. Please contact Aswat at 93378211 to view and adopt. Adoption fee for pedigree/cross-breed kitten is $60 per kitten.


Phoebe is really sweet and loves to be held and carried around. We tried to encourage her to walk today, and while at it, wear a cute dressy outfit too.

She also plays with the kittens, and they get along well together.

Phoebe is still available for adoption. If you are keen on adopting Phoebe, please call Aswat at 9337 8211 to arrange for a visit.


Colby is a really vocal and playful kitten, but he has his cat-snooze moments, like here - He is now sharing his pen with Coco, so he can make new friends, since Kelly has passed away and Jag been adopted. They are getting along well!
Kelly passed away last night.

When she first came to us she was only mildly unwell - she wasn't eating, she was extremely skinny, she was lethargic.

So we started feeding her baby food, or canned food mixed with water, administered using a syringe. Her appetite did not increase.

She also had very bad diarrhoea. We dewormed her and put her on kaolin solution.

After deworming her she had eliminated two very large worms, thin and circular ones.

She then shows signs of laboured breathing, and even more lethargy - she was hardly moving.

Eventually, her heart stopped late last night. We tried CPR but she was already gone.

We suspect it was heartworm that killed her. Because the worms were so huge in such a small kitten, and her symptoms match the disease.

Heartworm is hard to treat in cats. Prevention is the only cure. It is transmitted primarily through mosquito bites. Usually cats' immune systems are able to fight off heartworm. But to be safe, use Revolution.

Friday, February 26, 2010

relief for the Upper Boon Keng situation at Block 15

Great news! A sponsor came through for the Upper Boon Keng cats to fund their sterilisation. We will be going there next Thursday or Friday.

If you have contacts with Jalan Besar GRC please help spread the news so that they will stay whatever culling they may be planning there after the news debacle about Upper Boon Keng cats.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twinkle and Tammy have been adopted!

By this lovely couple from the Bukit Timah / Adam Road area. We are happy for the sisters!


Hi there!

Chanced upon your blog and saw that you guys have many successful adoption and rescue cases with kitties.

I recently found a little kitten outside my place about 1 month back and have placed her in a friend's clinic till today while looking for a fosterer or adopter. Obviously, up until now, my friends and I have been having lots of difficulties getting her adopted and have to resort to asking you guys for help.

I called Aswat and spoke briefly about the possible actions to help this kitty out, and found out that you are already housing 6 black ones still looking for a home. As such, I'm hoping if a small mention of her somewhere in your blog or advertisements will help in finding her a home while I continue to house her at the clinic.

Her details can be found at: http://sg.88db.com/Pets/Pets-For-Adoption/ad-1271328/ and http://www.catwelfare.org/node/2126

Additionally, I've attached pictures of her.

Any assistance to save this little one will be very much appreciated!

9273 4423

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is Beauty's sister, a really cute cat too with her pink nose leather. Hence her name - Pinky! Her brother is just like her and we are happy that he is already in a permanent home!

Pinky (left), her brother on the right

When we rescued her from Upper Boon Keng she had abrasions on her forelegs, and her nose as you can see from the picture. We have been applying medication to help her wounds heal and they have already improved a lot. When she first came to our boarding pens at Angels she really rested and slept a lot but is now much healthier and happier.

Pinky sleeping

Pinky and Beauty are both available for adoption! Please see right side bar on how to adopt.

the eunos rubbish-dump kitten

Today we dewormed the kitten that Hazrul rescued from a rubbish dump in Eunos yesterday. She is healthy albeit a bit dehydrated, so we fed her rehydration fluid too.

She is actually a semi-longhaired kitten and likely has pedigree parents, as you can see from the fur on her ears. As expected of longhaired cats she got her paws stuck with cat litter and Aswat brushed out her hygiene areas today to keep her clean. She is likely to grow up to be a medium to large sized cat as her paws are quite big. Estimated to be about 8 weeks old.

Currently she is being penned together with Beauty and her sister as well as Coco. They get along well although this tabby girl is more reserved.

This tabby kitten is available for adoption. If you are keen on adopting her please contact Aswat at 93378211. See right side bar for more information on adoption.

Twinkle and Tammy

The Changi kittens are now able to eat solid food on their own!

Tinky has been adopted by her foster mother, Tity. Despite having brain damage, she is on the whole a healthy kitten, although a little bit slower than her sisters.



Tammy and Twinkle are available for adoption. Tammy is a lovely white and lilac tabby with really beautiful tabby markings. Twinkle is a playful girl who loves to explore and gets along really well with the family dog. Both sisters are around 4 weeks old now (the photos are from when they were 2-3 weeks old).

If you are keen on adopting Twinkle or Tammy, please contact Aswat at 67489810 / 93378211 to arrange for a visit.


This is Coco, sibling of Coffee who just got adopted today. She was given another round of deworming today as it has been two weeks since her last one.

Like her brother, she has a long skinny tail. She is just as sweet-natured as her brother, a very easy-going kitten.

Coco is still looking for a forever home! If you are keen on adopting her please call Aswat at 93378211.

coffee and dinah got adopted today!

By a lovely family from Thomson whose home has a lovely garden enclosure for the cats.

They will be bringing Dinah and Coffee to the vet for checkups, vaccines and another round of deworming. Thank you for giving Dinah and Coffee-boy a home!

the 2 out of 3 10week old upper boon keng kittens

This is Beauty, one of the three 10week old kittens we rescued from Upper Boon Keng. (One has already been adopted.)

She is being cuddled by a volunteer, Hazrul, purring too! She is an independent kitty who is okay with either playing on her own or being cuddled and played with. She also gets along well with the other cats, a really sweet girl. She has thick short fur and a short tail.

If you are keen on adopting Beauty, please call Aswat at 9337 8211 or 67489810.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

coffee boy!

This is Coffee, also available for adoption. Here he is at our cat condo, relaxing.

He is really adorable, he even purred when I went close to him to take pictures. Such a sweet cat! His colouring is more bluish black, glosses when well-groomed too! He conforms to the Oriental breed (Siamese without the colourpoints) with his large ears and wedge shaped head.

If you are keen on adopting Coffee do give us a call at 93378211 (Aswat) or 90880675 (Elaine).

black and white boy got adopted today!

One of the three black/white 10-week old kittens we rescued from Upper Boon Keng got adopted today! -

fostering coffee and dinah

The two of them are really nice kittens - they are totally at ease with our three cats, eat whatever is given to them. Here they are eating Nutripe chicken with moistened kibbles and milk. Coffee is on the left, Dinah on the right.


Much talk about Dinah but here are her pics! This is her, just after showering. Her black colouring is more Asian black -

You can see that she has a bald patch on her nose, possibly caused by a doggie in her previous home. We are applying antiseptic balm for her every day to help her skin and fur heal.

Andy and I are fostering Dinah and Coffee at the moment to alleviate the boarding situation at Angels.

kelly, colby and jag

Today someone came to us with three kittens, but we do not know their story, as Aswat was not at the shop at the time - are they strays? where are they from? are they orphans? We don't know for sure.

Regardless, we ended up taking them in. They are really lovely kittens. Here are Colby, Jag and Kelly. Colby is red, Jag is white with black, Kelly is tricoloured. They are healthy, and will just need to be dewormed.

Kelly is a small sized kitten, with a short almost-bob-tail. She is smaller in size than the other two, which leads us to think they may not be from the same litter. She is estimated to be about 4 weeks old. She is a really agreeable kitten. She reminds us of the Japanese prosperity cat symbol.

This is Colby, a really active and vocal boy. He also has a short boblike tail with a kink. Enjoyable kitten to play with!

This is Jag, whose temperament is like Kelly's, really easy-going cat!

Here they are - Jag performing some acrobatics, Kelly goes to a corner to snooze, and Colby tries to talk to me while I film them!

If you are keen on adopting these kittens, please call Aswat at 93378211 or 67489810 or visit Angels Pet Shop @ Ubi Ave 1, Blk 302, #01-49.

hazrul's rescued kitten

Today four new rescued kittens arrived suddenly to us. Andy just went to Angels get their pictures and stories.

This is one of them, a tabby kitten, found alone in a rubbish dump in Eunos, near the factories. She was rescued by one of our volunteers, Hazrul, who lives in that area.

The frightened little girl is now resting at Angels.

Monday, February 22, 2010

sometimes they hate fish oil

I have been adding fish oil to our three cats' food during alternate dinners. Lately because we have been getting them used to dinners without canned food, their fish oil intake has gone down because I am used to mixing the oil with canned food.

But their fur started to shed again and they are often covered in loose fur now, much more for us to groom and clean. For the sake of their skin and coat beauty, I tried adding the fish oil to their dry food instead which is out for them to feed free choice, refilled twice a day.

They hated it! The three of them barely ate their dry food for the whole day, and Scooter meowed for a 'proper' dinner since it was afternoon. Eventually I fed them their dinners about an hour earlier than I usually would, and had to appease my hungry cats with twice the serving of canned food I would normally give them.

Their appetites are a total enigma to me. Oh for the love of cats...

So, I reckon I have to find another way to give them their fish oil supplements more regularly. I would probably add another kind of kibble to their current diet, one that has more inherent fish oil, or go back to feeding them more regular canned food dinners which would be less of an additional cost for us, just more time-consuming. But I guess we love them enough to take the trouble!

(I probably have to adjust their dinners to start later because I often am not free during their present-dinnertime which is 6pm. I also tried feeding them free-choice canned food but they still would rather eat off their own bowls for some reason! For cats' sake!)

Lila, now named Truffle!

Lila, a chocolate-point kitten we rescued from Upper Boon Keng has been adopted today!

Hi Elaine,

We decided to name her Truffle cos she looks like chocolate and truffle is the best quality kind lol. Shes still very timid though. Right now her favourite place to hide is amongst all my clothes in my wardrobe. Also she refuses to eat when I'm in the room but when I leave her alone inside she'll eat. Probably a habit from her stray cat days. Here's a pic of her sleeping on me lol. Will be bringing her for vaccination this Saturday.


Here she is in her new home -

6 in a pen

It has been two weeks since we rescued Coco and her brother Coffee -

They are now also penned with Dinah, a kitten rescued as an orphan by our Royal Canin supplier in Kaki Bukit. Dinah is healthy, though has some abrasions on her skin and fur for which we are applying topical medication. Together with Coco and Coffee, they have recently been joined also by three older kittens (about 10 weeks old) which is the last lot of kittens we rescued from Upper Boon Keng. These older kitties are healthy save for dehydration, and one of them has injuries on both front paws. The three of them have been dewormed, medicated and groomed; they are getting along well with Coco, Coffee and Dinah too!

Coco and Coffee are now really active and playful and are more than ready to go to new homes. If you do know of anyone who would be interested in these siblings, do help us spread the word so we can find genuine adopters for them.

email from adopter - successful 'parenting'

Received an update from our adopter who adopted the Royal Canin tabby cat and her 'sister'!

Dear Aswat & Team,

I would like to update you about my two babies.

The Black Tabby is 'Coffee' & The White Baby is 'Cottonbud'.

As you are aware that Coffee had suffered from flu' which causes her eyes to water and sneeze continuously... I am happy to inform you that Coffee has RECOVERED...Her eyes no longer water and she is more active now.

Cottonbud had a lot of bald patches when I took him, he is also showing signs of recovery and his beautiful white fur is GROWING...!!!!!!! He used to shiver excessively due to extreme dehydration and hunger...Now he is more active and chases me around the house. Currently, Cottonbud is my Weight-Loss Instructor...hahahaha

My 5-year old daughter loves them sooooo very much that she puts them both on her baby stroller and always ensure that they are safe from ants, holes, windows, gates...

I really thank you for bringing these two wonderful companion in our Life...!!!!!!!
coffee and cottonbud
I will post you more photos and videos in time to come...

Signing Off,

Mother of Three Wonderful Kids.

Kinza Naina

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshine, Spot and Skater

Our Upper Boon Keng orphans opened their eyes yesterday! Here they are!

From left: Sunshine, Spot and Skater

This makes them about just under 2 weeks old. In 2 weeks' time these boys will begin to eat kitten food!

adopted - misha and orange-gal

Misha and Orange-gal got adopted today!

Misha got adopted by a lady named Michelle, their names sound similar too! Unfortunately we didn't manage to get a photo of Michelle with Misha.

Here is a picture of Orange-gal's new daddy! We are happy for them!

kitten pen for home fostering!

Andy and I live in a small house and we haven't got much space but we found a kitten pen that suits the space we have at home! It is actually meant for ferrets, but the grilles are safe for kittens too. We are simply waiting for the supplier to resume business on after the CNY so we can order it! -

We like this pen because it has a 'loft' within, which makes it more space-efficient as well as fun for kittens - toilet below, bed on top. There is even space for us to construct a hammock, as well as the option of using a small scratching post as 'stairs' to the loft (idea copied from Shiro's mommy). The wooden base makes it comfy for the cats as opposed to open grilles, and the bottom tray reduces litter tray mess. It even comes with wheels, and is collapsible when not in use. The measurements fit the area next to our cat condo, which indubitably means disinfecting and de-fleaing of the cat condo regularly for our own cats' safety of course. That and getting all the cats up to date on their vaccinations etc. (left with Slinky and Scooter).

Can't wait! More space means more rescue, and volunteers that live close to Angels Pet Shop are logistically efficient because we can bring the animals down to the shop anytime when adopters come by to visit. I am a tad envious that Tity already has a pen that Lila is staying in, and ours has yet to arrive! It is amazing what a pen can do. Quarantine, integrate, train and play all in one!

pedigreed upper boon keng

The cat population at Upper Boon Keng consists of a lot of pedigree cats. One of them that was recently culled was a seal-point Burmese kitten that was blind in one eye. We could never get to that little seal-point and regretfully he is now gone. He does have siblings, also seal-point, some chocolate-point. The parents are two chocolate point Burmese cats and of course some of the kittens are cross-breed Burmese. There are also other pedigree types, like a seal-tabby-point Siamese.

We are likely not going to visit Upper Boon Keng anytime again soon because the cat feeder at the adjacent block of our feeding point decided after all that she is going to feed the cat population where we go. Also, we had discovered and linked up with another cat feeder who feeds the pathway that flanks the CC, from who we found out that the Boon Keng feeder that has been passing rescued cats to us actually has been rescuing cats - from the same place! There will be still however a need to sterilise the cats there and if sponsors step forward we will still step up to help.

On Friday night we managed to trap one of the Burmese/Siamese kittens. She is healthy and is currently being rehabilitated - toilet trained, showered and groomed, and socialised. She is available for adoption on Monday. She is a chocolate point and has green eyes and is about 10 weeks old.

Here she is in Ubi Kuching Project volunteer Tity's home where she has been given a pen and litter tray of her own.
Despite being Himalayan this gal is quite docile and not that vocal compared to most other Siamese and Burmese. Regardless, her colourpoint and colouring is true to the type of the Himalayan gene and she really is a beautiful kitten.

Edit: Lila's being adopted tomorrow.

update on adopted kitten, Batman

Hi Elaine

I've uploaded Photos of BatMAN into my Facebook, it's in the folder "Pongci, Keke & BatMAN".

I'm also a Ubi Kuching Project's Fan in Facebook =).

BatMAN has been a very good kitten, he brings us lots of laughter and love to our family. We are really happy to have him with us. He enjoy Keke company a lots, it's really happy to see the 2 of them so loving.

We bought BatMAN for sterilisation 2 weeks ago. He has recovered and is doing well now.

We'll like to thank Aswat, Andy and you once again for bringing us such a great cat!

Happy New Year and wish you success for all for Ubi Kuching Project!!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

the changi 3

We had 3 newborn kittens brought to us two weeks ago, rescued by some Ubi residents who worked in Changi South(which is where the kittens were found orphaned).

These 3 kittens have been hand-reared in one of our volunteer's homes and have been named (from left) Tammy, Tinky and Twinkle.

Recently, Tinky fell really sick. She was brought to the vet and the vet advised that Tinky be put to sleep because of brain damage, which we believe to be likely genetic. Regardless, Aswat advised Tity (our volunteer fosterer who also paid for the veterinary bill) not to euthanise Tinky, and after intensive care from us now Tinky is still alive and well in Tity's home.

Regarding this issue, Tinky, Twinkle and Tammy's initial prospective adopter who had agreed to adopt them once they were weaned off milk, had become very lukewarm about adopting the kittens, and because of this, we have decided to put the Changi 3 up for adoption again in search of genuine adopters. Fosterer Tity has decided to adopt Tinky, the sick one, so Twinkle and Tammy will need new homes soon.

They will be starting on solid food in likely a few days' time, are currently on a mix of milk and baby food. Once they have learned to eat kitten food without hand-rearing they will be available for adoption.

little tricoloured one-eyed girl

This is our tricoloured one-eyed girl, one of the first few kittens we rescued from Upper Boon Keng. Holding her is one of our newest volunteers, Joe.

She is really wonderful to cuddle, purring the minute you handle her, even if it is for grooming or pilling. Yes, she has gone back on medication because yesterday she started sniffling again. She has already completed a round of antibiotics and we clean her eye daily with the eye-drops given by the vet. Edit: She has recovered from her flu' and is no longer sniffling.

We are not sure if we will ever find a home for this little girl. Her eye will remain this way and she will only grow bigger and older. If you are keen on providing a permanent home to nurse this handicapable girl for life, do contact us (see right side-bar).


This is Misha, (name submitted by reader Shokureun, thank you!)

She was found by Aswat yesterday, dumped anonymously outside Angels Pet Shop. She is now in the kitten pen with Coco and the 2 other black kittens, playing happily together.

She is about 5 weeks old, a lilac (warm grey) and white gal -

with a medium length tail. She has been de-wormed and toilet-trained and is ready for adoption. Do call Aswat at 9337 8211 if you are interested to view and adopt Misha.

About Love Kuching Project by The Water Dish

The 4 main tenets of our work in Love Kuching Project by The Water Dish and our 4 main fund-raising needs.

About Love Kuching Project

We used to be named Ubi Kuching Project. In May 2010 we partnered with corporate sponsor The Water Dish and are now known as Love Kuching Project by The Water Dish. We are a group of residents in the estate of Ubi, Singapore that banded together to promote the following:

1. Responsible pet ownership

2. Stray cat management through sterilisation

3. Rescue of animals in need such as the sick, orphaned or abandoned

4. Pet adoption

We are co-owned by our corporate sponsor, The Water Dish, an online pet store.

Responsible pet ownership

We believe that animal welfare is enhanced through educating pet owners. This is the reason why we believe in sharing pet care tips, promoting healthy diets for animals, promoting sterilisation of pet cats and dogs. In serving humans who are pet owners, we are serving animals. We do this through talking to the prospective adopters on how to care for their new pets, conversing with other pet owners with meet in our community, writing about pet care tips on our blog to share with our readers.

One of our unique selling points (USP) is that we focus on the positive aspects of pet ownership. By telling the wonderful stories of each animal in our care, as well as the fun, enjoyable aspects of pet ownership, we propagate a feel-good vibe, which in turn benefits the animals in the care of our human readers.

We also believe in building good relationships with humans, not just with animals. By building relationships with the human pet owners, we are paying-it-forward and benefiting the animals they will meet in their circles of influence, be they strays or pets.

Stray cat management

In Ubi, long before Ubi Kuching Project was formed, there have been kind neighbours who feed the stray cats in Ubi daily, as well as sponsor and arrange for stray cats to be sterilised. Each section in Ubi is managed by different carers whom we call cat-patrons, and the sections are known as cat-zones in Ubi. We currently have 5 zones in Ubi that are autonomously managed by these cat-patrons. Love Kuching Project as an entity renders help to the cat-patrons of these zones by offering to help trap stray cats for sterilisation, raising additional external funds for sterilisation to alleviate the cat-patrons, helping to rescue cats in each cat-zone that are in need such as those needing veterinary attention, young kittens and nursing mothers. In this way, we complete the stray cat management cycle (see Fig. 1 below). We are also often called upon by residents of other neighbouring estate to organise sterilisation and rescue programmes to activitate the stray cat management cycle in estates beyond Ubi.

Figure 1- Stray Cat Management Cycle

Animal rescue

We often rescue animals beyond our estate of Ubi. This is done through our own networks of independent animal rescuers. Apart from strays that are young, sick or abandoned, or at the risk of being culled by pest-control, we also provide a shelter for re-homing pets. Our volunteers' foster homes give an alternative to owners that may otherwise have to surrender their pets to SPCA. Thus, we also re-home pet cats and dogs that can no longer stay with their owners. We also intervene in households that have irresponsibly planned to abandon their pets, to ensure that the animals go to better homes.

Animal rescue in Love Kuching Project is carried out in structured steps. Because our resources are limited, we cannot rescue every animal, thus, we carry out with is known as triage in our mode of rescue. We focus our resources on animals that can be saved and re-homed successfully. Animals that are deemed fit to continue surviving as strays will not be taken in. We also do not focus our resources on animals that are in too serious a condition for us to help due to lack of funding or severe illness and injury – in cases such as these, allowing SPCA to intervene in euthanasia may well be an even better option for the animal.

Because our boarding resources are limited, we have to rely on our volunteers to help foster and care for animals in our custody, as well as on the public to contribute financially through cash donations or donations-in-kind. The Water Dish sponsors cat food monthly towards boarding cat in our custody.

Also, we can only rescue as far as our boarding resources will allow, our belief being that we should only rescue what we can sustainably manage. We try to shelter all rescues, but there will be some we simply cannot manage and thus will have to surrender to SPCA.

Our boarding costs are at $3 per day per cat.

Pet adoption

Most of the animals we rescue, we follow with rehabilitation and thereafter release or re-home. See Fig. 2 below.

Figure 2 – Rescue – Rehabiliate – Re-home – Release

Another one of our USPs is that we believe in rehabilitation of animals before re-homing. This means that we toilet-train the animals if they were strays, bottle-feed and thereafter wean them off milk if they were orphans, socialise them through human interaction, as well as provide a good environment such as toys for them to be emotionally well – this is to ensure they will become good house pets when they are adopted.

We also rehabilitate strays that need time off the streets to recover from stress and illness. Examples include heavily pregnant cats, female cats post-sterilisation, strays that have been sent to the vet and need a place to recover before going back to their territory. These animals may not be able to be re-homed, thus, they will be released in their original territory or in Ubi if no adopters step forward.

While in our care, the cats are fed with premium, grain-free foods and are groomed regularly. They will be given medication when they are ill or taken to our vet.

Our main networks used for re-homing is through online advertising anchored by our blog. In our re-homing adverts we believe in capturing the stories of the animals in order to reach out to the human heart. A good story invites humans to emotionally invest in our work.

We screen our adopters by making sure that entire families are involved in the adoption process. We also have a written adoption agreement and use photographic evidence to ensure that the adopters are accountable for the animals’ welfare. We also invite adopters to send us pictures and updates on the adopted pet and publish these updates on our blog.

On our blog and through our interaction with members of the community we advocate for pet adoption rather than buying pets. This is because we believe that breeding pets for sale is often inhumane because breeding farms are often places of animal abuse, and that pet sales prevents rescued animals from being adopted.

Fundraising for Love Kuching Project

In Love Kuching Project, we have financial needs for 4 main tenets of our work:

1. Seed-funding, which goes towards raising awareness of our work as well as provides capital for more fund-raising

2. Veterinary funding, which acts as a fund we can tap into when we need to provide urgent veterinary attention to animals we rescue

3. Boarding funding, which goes towards the food for the animals that are boarding at Angels Pet Shop

4. Sterilisation funding, which goes towards stray cats that have no sponsor for sterilisation

Fundraising and raising awareness for our work go hand-in-hand. This is because donors and sponsors only give towards causes they feel and believe to be worthwhile and of integrity. Apart from raising awareness of our work in responsible pet ownership, stray cat management through sterilisation, animal rescue and pet adoption, we also need to be accountable to our public. This means representing Kuching Project in a legally responsible way as well as being transparent in our accounting of our income and expenses to the public. Our expenses concur with the ethical rule that no more than 30% of our expenditure goes towards operations and administration, and that minimum of 70% of expenditure goes directly to the animals in the form of pet supplies, sterilisation costs and veterinary expenses.

Friday, February 19, 2010

making your pet bowl stay cold

So I saw this cool pet bowl idea on - a bowl that can be pre-freezed and when used to serve canned food, milk or water, keeps the contents cool and fresh for longer.

For a while now, I have been making my own cold bowls for my cats. This is used to serve milk, keeping it fresh for longer, as well as to serve free-choice canned food when I am too busy to serve them individually. Cats take time to eat and canned food should ideally be thrown away when it has been out for three hours maximum.

Here is a way to make your own.

When you remove the bowl(s) from the freezer to use for serving, place the bowl on top of a cloth or towel to soak up the melted ice. Voila! A handy cool pet bowl, which you can make at home.

for the love of stray cats

Am applauding for Dr. Tan, well-known local cat advocate, writer of cat-blog Singapore Community Cats and also a one-time sponsor for an Ubi cat of ours. He submitted this article to the press which got published -