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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Bring the Mini Moos home!

What is black and white, small, furry and causes total chaos?

Introducing the Mini Moo Kittens! They are actually 2 batches of kittens rescued from two different locations.

The Warrior Kittens, Charlie (male), Batman (male) and Ninja (female), were found in Yishun at a rubbish collection centre. They were admitted into the cattery back in January 12th.

Charlie, the shyest of the lot

Batman, the kitten ready to fight crime

Ninja, the swiftest of the lot
The second batch of fluffy moos are the Halloween Kittens which were rescued from Jalan Haji Salam around Bedok in November last year (just after Halloween). They are siblings - Marshmallow (Male) and Candy (Female), with a third Spooky who has since found a furever home!

Marshmallow, a stern, high-energy pellet of fluff

Candy, who is just grumpy because we're holding her
The kittens have grown a bit (that’s an understatement, considering they’re cats) and have developed their own quirky personalities. All the kittens have been vaccinated and are waiting to be sterilised, so they are basically ready to go to a forever home!

If you'd love to bring them home and be their furever hooman, click here to find out more about our adoption procedures!

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