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Friday, February 8, 2013

Chinese New Year safety for kitties!

Holiday around the corner! Remember to keep the kitties safe. Here are some pointers you may like to look out for during this festive time.

  • If you use ribbons to tie decorations to plants, take care not to leave any stray ones that can be swallowed by kitty. Swallowing a stray string or ribbon may lead to intestinal obstruction requiring surgery. 
  • Some snacks are simply too oily for kitty to digest. Like bak kwa. Yes, some cats do like pork. Jerky treats (dehydrated meat) are available for cats that are more suitable.
  • Fish is important for many a Chinese new year meal. Unfortunately there are bones and therefore should be kept away from kitty. If you want your cat to share in the fish, pressure cook it to make sure the bones are no longer a choking hazard. Do not add salt or any seasonings to it.
  • Kids will come to visit! If they are new to kitty, do take time to teach them how to interact with a cat. No touch areas include kitty's tail, tummy and paws. Do not force kitty to make friends if she doesn't want to, it will create stress for her. 
  • Lion dance is a stressor to cats because of its loud noise. Keep kitty in a quiet room when there are lion dance performances around the neighbourhood. Likewise for mahjong. 
  • Take care to notice signs of stress in kitty: constipation. overgrooming. peeing outside the litter box, lack of appetite.
Safety first, folks. Have a great holiday!