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Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Cat References

These are our personal library's two main cat textbooks.

The first is The Essential Cat Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds by Angela Rixon.

This book contains very basic information on cat care, useful for first time owners. The comprehensive information on cat breeds is more for interest, as we do not own, purchase, breed or show pedigree cats. It is useful though for reference, as we talk about the cats we meet and re-home in our neighbourhood. This way we can best describe the cats so that you our reader can understand more about the cats we write about. It for example describes the character and nature of different breeds of cats, like how Siamese and Oriental cats do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. When rehoming kittens such information is useful.

We bought this book from Borders at $15.95 as a bargain book.

The second book is Essential Cat by Caroline Davis.

This book has much more cat care information within than the first. There is good information on cat first aid, integrating a second cat into your household, the differences between kitten and adult cat care, and a good description on the common health problems in cats. The information is easy to read and there are good pictures.

The edition we own is no longer in print, shown here is another edition by a different publisher.

We bought this book from Popular at $15.90 as a bargain book.

We like to browse online as well. Apart from using Google to search for topics on cats, an evergreen site we like to refer to is Petfoodratings.net