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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dempsey got adopted!

Dempsey with 2 members of the Lai family
May called us last night to inquire about adopting Dempsey, the little ginger boy with a bobtail and white socks. May and her family - with 3 grown-up kids, hubby and their house helper - love cats a lot and adopted 2 cats previously via Cat Welfare's adoption site. Their cats have grown up nice and well and have been sterilised. May is a stay at home mom and her house helper is great with the cats - Dempsey will be staying in her room till he gets integrated with his two new older kitty siblings. Their daughter has already renamed him Mickey!

We advised May that because Dempsey is underweight for his age due to the fact that he and his sisters were orphans (a common phenomenon with all orphan kittens) to get him vet-checked as soon as possible at their vet near their home in Bukit Timah. We also advised them to get him multivitamins so he can continue his nutraceutical supplement regime in his new home. They also will be supplementing his diet with pet milk which they can feed often since there is always someone at home to look after him. We also indicated on his Pet Information Sheet (given to all adopters) of his previous kitty ailments - flu', eye irritation, worms, diarrhoea - and his deworming dates so they can pass the medical information along to their own vet.

We are thankful to the Lai family for giving little Dempsey (now Mickey) a forever home!