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Friday, April 22, 2011

TNRM at Eunos Crescent concluded

We concluded our TNRM project of 4 rounds in Eunos Crescent last Thursday 14 April. 5 cats were trapped at Blk 1, but 1 cat was already neutered. All cats have been returned and neutering went smoothly.

It was hard to trap that night because there was already a lot of killer litter food scraps being strewn from windows just before we arrived. Also, 3 tom cats were very elusive about entering the traps, and these 3 males are the only cats left that are not neutered in this colony. Here are the cats that we did manage to trap -

Turns out this cat is already tipped eared




We also sent Mary Lou for her neutering surgery as her 2 months of nursing had concluded. She was returned to her original location of Bendemeer Blk 45 substation.

Mary Lou, happy to be rid of us finally!
Thus our Sterilisation Fund has been almost completely spent on neutering about 29 cats in Eunos Crescent alone these past few weeks. Our next project may come from your feedback, let us know if you see a cat colony that needs help! We are also getting our Sterilisation Volunteer LY to investigate a case in Lavender which we will report on once the reconnaissance is carried out.