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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Next TNR project: Hougang Ave 3 [Edited]

One night while Andy was walking Scotty they met Auntie Shirley, a caregiver in Ubi for stray cats in a cluster of blocks not far from here. She mentioned that she had also recently been going to feed at Hougang Ave 3 because there are suddenly a lot of cats there. No kittens, so possibly a new dumping case.

Cats' roaming area

There are technically 2 colonies at this location. One is fed by a teochew uncle and the other by Shirley. She went to recce the uncle's location for us and there are about 5 cats in this colony.

We are going there to trap the cats for neutering on Wednesday 6 August at night. We will 'live report our TNR as usual on social media!

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