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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Adopted: Stout and Ranger

Jeslyn with Stout and Ranger

 An update email from Jeslyn:
Both of them have been renamed. Stout is now known as Usko (pronounced wush-ko), which means Faith in Finnish and Ranger is now known as Gioia (pronounced joy-ah), which means Joy in Italian. 
I'm really glad that the both of them have adapted well to the new environment and are eating, drinking, pooping and playing well. I'm actually really glad to have adopted two; they are great companions to each other, sleeping together, playing together and I've seen Usko groom Gioia as well. They are really friendly with people as well! I have friends who came over to play with them and so far, they have been interacting well with everyone who came by. When it comes to sleep, they will sometimes show their bellies and Gioia sleeps like a log; no matter how we touch him, he refuses to wake up, which is really adorable.

Two brothers for life. BFFs!
 Thank you Jeslyn for giving them a forever home!

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