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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lana went to her forever home on Monday!

Derek and Saj contacted us about adopting a kitten, and after communicating with them over phone and email, a visit was arranged for them to visit Lana on Monday.

They were referred to us by Ami, Bob's rescuer. We found out that they moved to Singapore from the US about half a year ago, and have been preparing to adopt a kitten locally ever since. Back home, they each had their own cats. Saj's cats are still with her family back there. After they got a permanent place to live here and planned out their residency in Singapore, they set about looking to adopt. They are used to apartment living with cats around, and their current place in Marina Bay is completely sealed from outdoor access, including the windows and balcony. They also confirmed with their current landlord even before they moved in, that there would be pets in the house for sure!

Before they read about and saw Lana's pictures, Saj and Derek had decided that they wanted a black kitten, so when they heard about Lana, the love affair began from right there!

Lana fell in love with them right from the start too. She purred in response to being cuddled by them and was totally on her best behaviour - very deceiving since she can get up to crazy kitten antics too!

After we inquired more about Derek and Saj, the adoption was confirmed. They named her Brooklyn right there and then - after the place where the couple first met back home. 

Derek works from home now, so he would be available to feed Lana and for attending to any veterinary emergencies.

Lana, now Brooklyn, with her new parents

We are so happy that Lana found her forever home!