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Friday, June 10, 2011

7 week old kitten found at our door step


Abandoned at the door step of our foster home in a cardboard box, was this poor little boy, who obviously isn't feeling well.

Sores around his mouth
Upon inspection, we found he has fleas, possible ear mites, sores around his mouth, and probably worms - he just had diarrhoea.

We defleaed him with flea shampoo and cleaned his ears with ear mite solution. We also applied antiseptic lotion and powder to his external mouth sores, and dewormed him. He has no appetite to eat and still doesn't look too well, so we have isolated him for now in our ICU pen - originally reserved for orphan kittens only. (So if you find any orphan kittens, no we no longer have the space for them at the moment - this is what dumping does).

He still doesnt look too well - and in a couple of hours we are going to dose him with Revolution because he isn't completely free of fleas and who-knows-what yet. Revolution needs to be applied 2 hours after a shower.
Just had a flea shower

We inspected his mouth for ulcers - none (a sign of of illness if there are any). He has no appetite to eat and his eyes look a bit weepy.

Appearance of ill health
But all in all Bandit is a handsome boy. We hope we can figure out what is wrong with him - that it is just worms and external sores and nothing serious that we can't treat.

Ivory ticked tabby with white socks
As to where he is originally from - we may never know. Please do not dump cats at rescuers' doors anonymously. What if we didn't have the space? We would have released him back to stray life, or sent him to SPCA? You would never know - you as a human being have to be the active intervening factor in a rescue scenario.