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Friday, June 10, 2011

I be adopted!

Rainy has been reunited with her rescuer, Jason, whose family decided to adopt her once she was off rehabilitation.

When Jason first found Rainy, he hand-fed her before bringing her over to us because she would need milk every 4 hours. Thankfully we had foster mother cats with us to help serve that feeding need. Then Rainy came down with suspected toxoplasmosis and had to be on rehabilitation for 3 weeks - even after she was weaned on to solid food, she still wasn't ready to be adopted till she recovered. When her pen-mates came down with flu', she also suffered flu' symptoms, but thankfully recovered and finally was ready for a new home.

She has recovered from her post-vaccination gastro-intestinal bacterial infection, and went to her new home today!

Rainy enjoying Jason's cuddling

A very happy adopter!
Jason's family has always been taking in abandoned pets into their household and Jason's mom who signed the adoption agreement is the sort of adopter who falls in love with the animals that haven't had it easy. She wants to adopt Echo too - because of her bum eye and because she is also from Bukit Panjang! But their dog, Kiki, is a bit of a scaredy-cat and Echo is super over friendly with dogs, wanting to play with them. Echo also isn't ready for adoption yet. Anyway, just for Rainy's family, here is Echo's latest Furry Photos picture.

"My eye still be not okay yet!"

Jason's family also sponsored Nana's vaccination with a donation - Nana says thank you!

We are happy for Rainy and Jason's family!