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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New arrivals from French Road, rescued from near-culling

Last week, mediator from Cat Welfare Society for Moulmein-Kallang Town Council, Suzana, received these emails regarding complaints in the French Road area - not far from where we did TNRM in May this year.

Upon Suzana's investigation, there were 6 kittens at Blk 802, and 2 adult cats that were unsterilised. Suzana sought to find the caregiver of this particular locale to advocate responsible feeding and to get the cats sterilised immediately, as unsterilised cats will be put to sleep if caught by pest control sent in by the Town Council. As for the kittens, appeals for foster care was sought, and we took in 3 of the 6 kittens that were there. They are now at our foster home.

These 3 Blk 802 French Road kittens are 3 months old, and one of them has flu', and at least 2 of them have diarrhoea. We will monitor and treat their illnesses and if it persists will be sending them to the vet.

There are 2 boys - red tabbies. and 1 girl, a torbie. We have named them Jaimie, Marcel and Chanel - French names since they are from French Road!

Marcel is the sick one, so we named him a name that means warrior, hopefully he will get better as soon as possible.

Fluey eyes
Having diarrhoea
The next boy is Jaimie, who is very manja and likes to purr. Quite difficult to get photos of him without him trying to kiss the camera or manja the photographer! He is also having diarrhoea.

Also a dark red tabby like his brother
"OK fine I stay in pen no kissy camera."

The girl, Chanel, is very pretty. She also thinks herself above her brothers, and parked self in the litter box, disallowing - scolding even! - them to use it until we moved her.

"What kind of lodging has NO proper bed. Hmph."
Pretty tortoiseshell tabby markings

They haven't been eating much, especially Chanel. Only the boys have tucked into their therapeutic meals with supplements.

Jaimie eating
We checked them for mites and fleas yesterday during their baths and grooming, and today we dewormed them. Will be treating their flu' and diarrhoea with medication and if necessary, antibiotics if they do not improve. Will update when they are better!