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Monday, July 18, 2011

[Special Kitty Alert] Echo the manja, playful girl

Echo, the tortoiseshell girl rescued from Bukit Panjang at 6 weeks old, is ready to be adopted by a special owner.

She has endured 3 rounds of antibiotics for her flu', and after she recovered, went through her 2 booster vaccinations, the last of which was last week. Now she is certified flu' free and will remain so.

Her eye has also recovered much over the months she has been rehabilitating with us.

When she first arrived -

Taken by Furry Photos
Then as she recovered, Furry Photos took another picture of her -

Echo at about 3 months old
By this time, and till now, Echo is on topical eye medication Framixin H. Her eye continues to improve. It may or may not ever recover fully but she can see perfectly despite.

Echo is a tortoiseshell kitten with a long tail, of Oriental stature - lithe and skinny and loves to play, rub against you and purr. She gets along well with other cats of all ages and with all kinds of humans.

She is litter trained, able to eat dry food on its own, dewormed, on Revolution, vaccinated, neutered.

Her medication, Framixin H, will be given along to her new owner to be applied on her eye as needed, and she no longer has flu'.

Here are more pictures of Echo when she was 3 months old, courtesy of Furry Photos.

Her beautiful colouring
"Is like play!"
Update: Echo was neutered at 25 weeks old.

To see more pictures of Echo click here.

Echo at 32 weeks taken by Furry Photos

To adopt Echo, find out how by reading 'How to adopt' on the right side bar of this blog, or reading here.