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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Geylang food district - TNR round 2!

Covering the cat colonies of Geylang's food district, lorong by lorong!

We went back to our first site to trap the remaining cats on Wednesday, before moving on to the latest site we wrote about.

Turns out that there were more cats than we counted leftover at the previous site. 3 of them look almost alike, so we must have counted them as 1 cat!

Examining our trap, meow!
These cats were nearer to the coffeeshop than to the gambling den.

Yes, it is the same cat!
Another one being trapped
Here are the 4 cats we trapped at this first location.

Who's still there at the gambling den / coffeeshop? The same mommy cat and kittens we saw.

Mom and kiddo
So then we moved to the next alley.

There, the cats were already waiting and hungry.

Hanging out at coffeeshop tables in the alley

Attracted by us humans with food!
"Where's the food!"

Some are less hidey than others
This kitty was very human friendly
We tried to trap as many females as possible first, but many of them were in hiding at this time of day. Those we saw weren't too keen on strangers, even the feeder uncle couldn't get close to them.

Preparing the traps
So we trapped a mixture of male and female cats.

We will have to return to this site to get the remaining cats neutered.

Lots more to be neutered, here are 2
We will announce the date and time of our next round of TNR here over Twitter!

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