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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Urgent TNR need in industrial part of Eunos - We need your help

We received an appeal for a large population of unneutered cats - mostly dumped during the fasting month of this year - and the feeders that moved in to help care for the new cats are very overwhelmed. They have been sterilising them in small batches but there are just too many. We went down to recce the situation.

Eunos industrial estate
The cats there are feral and very anxiously shy, taking photos of them was not easy. We counted about 12 cats not neutered, and the feeders say there are more, but because some of the workshops there were still lit and generating noise, many were hiding. They are likely keen on hiding because of their being dumped (not used to outside noises, unfamiliar territory) as well as the fact that many of the workers here tend to scare the cats off by throwing things at them.

Many tried to hide when we were trying to capture evidence of cats there, save for a couple of slightly friendlier ones.

Ginger cat under a lorry

Hiding black cat
The closest our Sterilisation Volunteers could get to one

Thankfully, many of them respond to the feeders, who feed them nightly at about 8 or 9pm.

The cats here don't all eat together, about 2-3 a time
Wary male cat
With the help of the feeder - working with the human that the stray cats are most familiar with is very important in our TNR projects - we managed to snap the photos of a few more cats:

Ginger ah beng cat
Another ginger male, younger
Tortoiseshell female
We are going to try and get more photos of the cats, at the same time conduct 2 rounds of TNR first, before the population explodes. The dates will be scheduled as soon as possible and will be posted on our social media channels. Till then, we will need your help.

Based on the initial cat count and 2 rounds of trapping, we will need an estimated amount of  $760 to trap, transport, neuter and board 12 cats (assume equal ratio of male to female). Our Sterilisation Fund, which is for neutering cats at the subsidised Cat Welfare Society rate, is running on a deficit at the moment.

What you can do:
If you can help, deposit any amount to our POSB savings account 188-52652-7 and then email us to indicate you have given to our Sterilisation Fund. Deposits can be made at either a POSB ATM or Cash Deposit Machine, or online through your bank's mobile or internet banking site. (All financial gifts without indication of which Fund is your choice of need to meet are designated as general donations). If you need a receipt, please also provide your mailing address.

Do spread the word to those who you believe might be interested in helping to tackle the cat overpopulation crisis at the bud of the problem. Adoption may not be possible for all humans out there, but we all can put in something to help diminish the overwhelming need of cats needing homes, wasting away in shelters or being euthanised. 9 people giving $10 each can already neuter one male cat AND one female cat. Use the share buttons below or retweet/share this from our Twitter and Facebook links. Thank you for helping to meet the need.

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