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Friday, May 16, 2014

The Use of Essential Oils for Cats

We usually buy our essential oils from iHerb, but not all the oils that will help cat conditions are available there; for those we need but are not available on iHerb, we buy from Young Living.

First of all, let's set the record straight: are essential oils safe for cats? The answer is YES. But it depends very much on the grade and purity of the essential oil in question. We studied the book written by a vet, Melissa Shelton DVM who writes on and advocates the use of essential oils for pets, not just cats alone. With her guide, we have incorporated the use of essential oils even more, and have seen surprising results that look like as if we applied pharmaceuticals instead!

Cats accept holistic remedies better than us humans because their systems metabolises these remedies quicker. This is also why they get poisoned more easily by things like chocolate and lilies, but that is another topic altogether.

Not all of you will be using the rarer essential oils because not all of us have very sick pets, but there are 2 Young Living ones you should consider buying because they are good must-haves to get.

The first, is RutaVala.

Ever since we started using this, we cannot work without it. It contains ingredients like lavender and valerian, which are very calming. What we do with it apart from diffusing it to calm cats down, is sprinkle some on the towel or pee pad that we use when we bring cats out, say to the vet. It really, really works. The cats become less angsty, and they smell good too. If you have hypervocal kittens that you are fostering, this also helps in calming them down. Lex, a new kitten, when he first came, was meowing away because he was lonely and scared. We diffused this, he calmed down, and slept.

The second essential oil you should consider getting, especially if you have allergies to cat fur and dander, is Thieves.

Thieves is not only antibacterial in nature, it also has antihistamine effects. Many of our volunteers actually have allergies (very ironic right?) but when Thieves is being diffused, they stop sneezing. It smells good and helps to cleanse the home of bacteria especially if your cat or kitties your are fostering have any form of illness.

How d0 you buy these oils from Young Living?

Go to their sign-up page, click on Member Sign Up

Then it will lead you to this page where you should enter these details and your own:

Using our code helps us gain some income, which is why we recommend you use our code as a referrer. We need all the funds we can get!

Usually your first purchase comes with a lot of free gifts too, such as a diffuser, depending on how much you buy.

We will do a series on essential oils for other conditions such as pain from illness. For now, these are the essential essential oils you should get!

Hope this was useful! If you need more information on essential oils feel free to leave comments. We regard holistic healing very seriously in our care for our sick and injured cats and with that have seen amazing results with using essential oils. Even to the point of reducing medication doses or without using medication at all.

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