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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

beyond residential Ubi...

I just received a forwarded email from Cat Welfare Society who linked me up with a concerned citizen highlighting the stray cat population issue in the industrial section of Ubi, just somewhere outside our cat-zones. She has noticed that the strays in Ubi Techpark are not neutered and have been reproducing. There is also a danger there of the cats being attacked by the stray dogs who also share that territory.

...Ubi Techpark. There are at least 2 very sweet natured males (Black with white paws - which we have named Sammy and Tommy), and 2 females in the area, and lately I notice a few more kittens. Traffic there is usually quite heavy and there also a few stray dogs in the area...

She wants to pay for their sterilisation but needs help with the trapping, so I have agreed to help her out, and will rope Andy and Aswat in too if they can. It would be great to be involved, because for us, we have the 'skills', carriers and energy to trap, but not the financial resource to pay for the sterilisation. And here we have someone who can pay, but needs volunteers to help trap. Great match indeed! Kudos to Veron from CWS for linking us up.