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Sunday, April 11, 2010

abandoned Persian for adoption

I received an email from Teck Yong who found this poor boy at Bedok Reservoir Blk 626 void deck. He may have been lost, but Teck Yong has been unable to find his owner for the past week after boarding him for a week at his own home.

His fur was entangled and damaged so Teck Yong had to get a groomer to shave off his fur.

Leo is now boarding at Angels. We are hoping to re-home him since no owner has stepped forward to claim him. He is sterilised. Very friendly and likes attention. He is litter trained. About 6 years old.

Do visit him at Angels Pet Shop if you are keen on adopting him.


  1. Saw this on stomp. Picture's too small to see if left ear is clipped?