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Thursday, April 22, 2010

JJ and Socks from NUS

These are two kitten brothers that were rescued from NUS by the NUS Cat Cafe folks. Because we have no space I could only accomodate two of the litter of cats of a mother they have since brought for sterilisation.

Here are JJ and Socks -


They are nephews of 小杰 (Xiao Jie) whom we rehabilitated in January this year, and they look like him too. JJ actually stands for Jie Junior.

Both brothers are about 7-8 weeks old. JJ is a ticked tabby, Socks is a ticked tabby with white, they have nice long tails and cute gaunt faces.

I have just showered and de-fleaed them, and cleaned their ears with a pyrethins solution donated by the NUS folks. JJ and Socks are now understandably very stressed! When they calm down and are socialised they will be available for adoption.

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