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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cat Party on a Caturday!

Hello everyone. Last Caturday there was a Cat Party held for launch of Love Kuching's new foster space! There were lots of visitors there but let's have the pictures show you for yourselves how the launch was.

Visitors got a mini tour of the new foster space! The items, the suites and decoration are donated or contributed by the various Cat Angels who have supported Love Kuching.

The giant photo on the wall and the photo of Slinky on the door were done by Furry Photos. If you want pictures of your own pets, (it doesn't have to be cats) check his website and contact him.

Two of the suites are being used at the moment by Harry and Cubby.

And then time to play or interact with the cats roaming about!

The cats milling about for pettings or treats! Or even to play. They got to play a lot with the visitors there using the swishy wand for them to jump at.

Sunkist sat about in his weird but effectively cooling way for you to pet or touch him.

Lenny (now recently adopted!) had attention lavished on him.

Kitten IC, Sealy, hung outside for a bit. He's more interested in sleeping somewhere else. He's a pretty big cat! Blur but big and really cute.

Remember Chanel? Her parents brought her for a visit and it's been 7 months since she'd been to Love Kuching. She's now flourishing very well and is a bit chubby now.

As the party came to an end, the cats were tired out along with the humans who had played and cuddled them.

If you want to meet the cats, sign up for the play/clean volunteering sessions or hey... heh heh adopt one (or two).

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