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Friday, January 8, 2010

Adoption Fees for Dogs and Cats 2010

After some deliberation last year, we decided to create and publish a standardised table of adoption fees for the dogs, cats, kittens and puppies we re-home at Ubi Kuching Project. Using other animal groups' adoption fees and caps imposed by local adoption websites, as well as our current adoption fees and boarding costs, we have drawn up a table of our adoption fees for the year 2010.

Puppy, local breed = $120
Puppy, pedigree or cross breed = $150
Adult dog, local breed = $70
Adult dog, pedigree or cross breed = $100

Kitten, local breed = $35
Kitten, pedigree or cross breed = $60
Adult cat, local breed = $30
Adult cat, pedigree or cross breed = $65

Plus $50 max. if the animal received veterinary attention

The reasons why pedigrees' have a higher adoption fee are:
  • They will need more specialised diets and grooming
  • There is a higher demand for rarer breeds

We would like to stress again that our adoption fees are in place because of the following reasons:
  • To prevent the adopter from abandoning the animal in future
  • To cover part of the boarding costs of animals under our care
  • To prevent adopters from re-selling the animal
and as such, since mid-2009 we have been collecting adoption fees from new owners.

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