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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Foster Shiro Project - Day 4

Scooter and Shiro are trying their best to hang out together, but...

Me: Shiro... Go play with Scooter...
Shiro: But... I'm scared!

Shiro: Okay, me try to go near him... is brave!

Scooter: OMG it's that rat lookalike!

Scooter: Er... SCRAM? Please? *SLAP*

Me: Scooter, can you please try to play with Shiro?
Scooter: Erm, okay... *CHOMP*
Shiro: *MEW* Help!
Me: Scooter! Don't bite so hard! Naughty!!

Shiro mews. Scooter runs off when I scold him. Both cats survive the meet and greet.

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