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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

adoption rates at a glance

Here are the adoption rates from other agencies:

Male Dog = $145
Female Dog = $155
Female Cat = $65
Male Cat = $50

Dog, Male Local = $200
Dog, Female Local= $220
Male Pedigree Puppy = $280
Female Pedigree Puppy = $300
Male Pedigree Adult = $230
Female Pedigree Adult = $250
Male Pedigree Senior = $200
Female Pedigree Senior = $220

Ubi Kuching Project

Puppy, local breed = $120
Puppy, pedigree or cross breed = $150
Adult dog, local breed = $70
Adult dog, pedigree or cross breed = $100

Kitten, local breed = $35
Kitten, pedigree or cross breed = $60
Adult cat, local breed = $30
Adult cat, pedigree or cross breed = $65

Our adoption liaison is Aswat at Angels Pet Shop, contact no. 9337 8211 / 6748 9810

Plus $50 max. if the animal received veterinary attention

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